Organizing Wires

by - April 14, 2014

This is the third tip of organization I got after I cleaned the storage shelf in my room. The first one was about organizing plastic bags or plastic covers, and the second was about using the cardboard boxes for different purposes.

The most annoying thing while organizing is the organization of wires and alike. I hate how they tangle, and I seriously wish I had a comb (wire-comb) and a Livon lotion while doing so.

This tip is common, and most of you might know it already.

First, try to make coils of the wires. Later, take different (coloured) elastic bands and tie them to these wire-y coils.

Then put all those wires, earphones, headphones, extra USB chords, chargers, extension boards, etc. in a big plastic bag. You will need a 'big' plastic bag because all these things will make the bag a lot thicker than you think.

And after that, seal the plastic bag with a cello tape, and write 'WIRES' on the bag. And make sure that 'Wires'= all the possible automatically 'tangling' wire-y equipment(s).

P.S. Don't keep the wires inside the bag if you require them more often. Keep them separately in your Easy-To-Access Shelf/Drawer.

How do you organize wires?

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