The Same Enthusiasm Like Before

by - April 04, 2014

After many months, I actually kept the blog aside, and did what I want. 

Today's been a very hectic day. My classmates and I had organized a Farewell program for the seniors. I did not organize, but the Program/Party was from the juniors to the seniors. So I did not literally organize it, but was present there. 

The Farewell Party got over around 4:30, after which we were totally exhausted and tired. We were sitting in the air conditioned auditorium from morning 11 to 4:30, and suddenly for the food, we had to leave behind the pleasurable auditorium. And the sad part (which can only be in summer) was having hot Biryani, standing in a place without fans/wind. This hot Biryani, no wind, and my perspiration, in all made the end bad (though the food was heavenly tasty) for someone like me.

Anyway, after the party, I came home, rested a bit, and went with my mom for a work. And literally, the weather was so disgusting, that I almost cried to go home. I have never experienced such a weather before – too humid, too hot, and the hot winds blowing – or maybe I might have experienced, but must have forced myself to erase it from my memory. I have a solid problem with hot weather, I guess. 

What I did after that was something I hadn't done in a long time. 

Today was World Cup T20 Semi-Final India versus South Africa, and yes, India won. And after many, many days, rather after many months, I have watched a cricket match with the same enthusiasm like before. 
I was conflicting with myself about the match – whether to watch it, or write the blog. And the answer was, 'Watch the match; c'mon it's the Semis!'

And I believe that if I watch the match, be it Arsenal, Mumbai Indians, or India's, we win. And I need to wear my lucky blue t-shirt for India or Mumbai Indians, and my red t-shirt for Arsenal (provided that Arsenal is playing on Emirates). 

Anyway, I was in the blue t-shirt today, and cheered on every wicket when SA was batting and on fours and sixes when India was batting. 

The reason for not cheering India for so many months is not an absurd one, I'm sure. Even you might be having the same reason as me – Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from cricket. Since then, apart from my mom, my father and I, both of us had stopped watching cricket, well, until today.

It was a great evening (though the weather sucked). I just planned of writing a short post after the match today. I'm so happy to watch cricket after such a long time, with the same enthusiasm (and patriotism). 

I just hope India wins the World Cup.

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