Computer Table Update // April 2014

by - April 24, 2014

I've changed the positions of few worktop supplies, and I loved the new, updated worktop. The things are more or less the similar like the previous version of worktop essentials, but the positions are changed, which makes the table look different.

This is the overview of the table. (I don't like the orange coloured chair.)

To the right hand side, I've kept three books--my Agenda, Sense and Sensibility novel by Jane Austen, and a Wordbank (sort of a dictionary).
To the right of these books is my pencil-stand. This Hello Kitty pencil stand has a peculiarity; it only has pens and pencils (though the pencil was with mom when I clicked the picture). The other two pencil-stands hold different supplies.

I am excited to sit on the table ever since I have moved these two lovelies. Such a perfect place they have on my table. 
Well, speaking of the differentiation of supplies that they hold, the pink pencil-stand has all the thick supplies, and the glassy pencil-stand has all the colour-inked pens.
The pink has the markers, glue, pair of scissors, ruler and a stapler; whereas the glassed one has fine liners from Stic and Faber-Castell sketch-pens.

This is why I stressed on the word peculiarity earlier. These three pencil-stands have different uses.

These pens/supplies are so useful. I never felt so much organized! If at all I have to write someone's number that my mom prompts to me, I can immediately do so. The pen is within stone's throw.

During vacation, I pass my afternoon time either by writing blog or watching movies/One Tree Hill. And if at all my mom is asleep, I have to put on headphones. Instead of getting up each time to take out a pair of headphones from the Easy-To-Access shelf, it is anytime better to keep them near the computer. 

Plus the headphones are from HP itself, and they're sleek. My old headphones were thicker and chunkier. 

These two chords are always plugged in to the computer. One is the USB chord of my camera, and the other is of my phone. 
It is frustrating to search a chord for the camera and then plug it into the computer. I transfer the photos from my camera to the computer, almost every day.
Many times, especially when I write my blog, my cellphone is out of battery. So instead of using a charger, I use the USB.
So these chords are very, very important to be kept here.

One more thing which I couldn't click is my hard-disk. I have kept the hard-disk attached to my computer. Hard-disk is no more an extended drive to me, but an internal, because I need it every day. So I thought of attaching it to the USB port which is on the backside of the computer, to avoid unnecessary space problems.

I have kept the wireless keyboard and mouse in the keyboard-drawer (which was obvious).

Does this picture look like it was taken for Instagram?

Well, apart from the keyboard and mouse, I've kept two other things- the pencil case and a dirty cloth.
As I don't work or go to college in vacation, I have kept the pencil case here. Even the agenda is on the table and not in my bag because I don't go anywhere as such where I would need my agenda. And if at all I have to update or add things in my agenda, I know my pencil case will always be near it.

Your mom always scolds you to clean the computer, but you're too lazy to get up. This is the best idea. I have kept a dirty cloth in the keyboard-drawer. Whenever I feel like the computer needs a bit dusting, I do it with the cloth I have in the drawer. I also wipe away the dust from the keyboard and mouse.

Plus, if you have a cute purple coloured dust-cloth, why would you hesitate to clean your computer?

Below the drawer is my printer. This is an all-in-one. It takes prints, photo copies, and scans as well. It really is my partner in laziness.

Looks bad, but trust me, this CPU compartment is organized. I have kept printing papers and cartridges here. And below that is a tool-box. Of course I don't use the tools; they are my dad's.

How does your computer table look like; somewhat similar to mine?

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