Storage-Shelf Cleaning

by - April 20, 2014

I'm boring you guys since a week now about this particular shelf. Finally I am writing a post on it. I thought I would post about the details first, and then talk about the entire shelf.

This is my storage shelf that I've been talking about crazily these days.

It has two compartments: upper and lower.

This is how it looked like before cleaning. Though few items are properly placed, still LOT of them are scattered in inappropriate places.

Firstly, I kept all my shopping bags, both plastic as well as paper, on the upper right hand side corner. I'd kept them here earlier too. It just makes everything a lot easier, as you can grab a bag and put papers in it and go for the presentation.

Secondly, I collected all the cardboard boxes, and separated them in three different categories: USED, EMPTY and DAMAGED.

I utilized few of the EMPTY boxes, and kept the USED boxes along with the EMPTY ones in the extreme upper left hand side corner.

I kept the DAMAGED boxes in a plastic bag, and closed the bag with a cello tape and wrote 'Card Boards + Card papers' on it.

Later I kept this bag on the lower compartment in the middle area.

Beneath the bag, I've kept few of my mom's books, and an old pink umbrella.

I combined two boxes of poster colours into this pouch.

I've kept this pouch on the lower right hand side corner.

I organized all the wired equipment with rubber bands, and kept them in a plastic bag.

I've kept the bag on the lower left hand side corner. There's a torch too in front of that. I've kept the torch here for an easy access. Though I have invertor at home, what if the battery is out, and we need an immediate source of light?

I've also kept extra torch on the upper left had side corner.

Also on the upper middle portion, I've kept the blank SONY DVDs. 

I've kept the stationary box on the lower middle portion, because I need it quite often.

Also, there's a CD case, 3D Glasses and my camera case on the lower right hand side corner.

And finally, I've kept a Donald Duck and a pink box to add some fun in the otherwise boring shelf.

And this is how it looks!

I hope I did not bore you guys. I swear I tried my best to make this post as interesting as possible.

How is your Storage Shelf?

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