Organize the Zip Locks, Plastic Covers, and Sheet Protectors

by - April 12, 2014

I cleaned my storage shelf today. And I'm happy to see it clean and tidy now. I found out many tips on organization while I was cleaning the shelf. And obviously will share them all.

When you buy papers, you get a plastic cover along with them; or when you buy gadgets, you get those bubble-covers with them. What do you do of all these covers which you get in complement with these products? I'm sure you guys must be throwing it away.

Well, don't throw them henceforth; I have an idea to use them, and to organize them as well.

Things You'll Need-

  • Big Plastic Cover
  • Marker
  • Cello Tape (optional)
  • Pair of Scissors (optional)


  1. Put the covers, zip lock bags, pouches, etc. in the big plastic cover. You can use a normal plastic bag too.
  2. Close the cover's mouth with a cello tape.
  3. Write the names of the content (in general) on the cover, with a permanent marker.

There are lot of uses of these covers; we used them to keep the travel sized face-wash in our multi-utility kit; we also used them to organize our papers according to their uses; we used one of the pouches as our pencil case; we also used them to pack our mini gift pack, remember?

Write to me if you use such covers too. 

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