Common Treadmill Mistakes

by - April 29, 2014

You guys might know it already that I go to gym for a month now. I used to go there in the last summer vacation as well, but discontinued it due to hectic college schedule. And again, I might take a month's break, as I'm flying to China (!) on the next month's 13th.

Anyway, last year there wasn't an electronic treadmill. But this year they did gather some extra cash by increasing the gym fees. One day I went to the gym as usual, and saw this article stuck on one of the walls, near the newly set up 'electronic' treadmill.

I didn't go through the entire article, but just read the sub-points (exactly in the similar way I study during exams). And I loved the article, rather I found it informational.

Can you read the sub-points? I know you can't! Let me just tell them to you, anyway...

Here are the mistakes that you MIGHT be committing while walking/running/panting on a treadmill-

1. Holding the Sidebars | I must admit, I commit this mistake, but nowadays I've started keeping my hands off the sidebars. Fitness Experts say that keeping the hands on the sidebars is not a hard-work in actuality. Yes, you might be sweating crazily, however, you're doing it wrongly. If you hold the sidebars, it is as if you're changing the 'natural' method of walking. I also know that you cannot keep away your hands from the sidebars, as you fear you might fall behind and that everybody will laugh at you after that, but you need to obey what is written in the article. For some period of time, you can definitely hold the sidebars, but then later, you must be able to walk on the treadmill, without the aid of these sidebars.

2. Old Footwear | Shalini Bhargava, Fitness Expert at JG's Fitness Centre, says that one must invest in a good pair of sports shoes. And this rule doesn't just go to treadmill, but for every sport, along with just a jog on the jogging-track. And trust me, I am a victim of an inappropriately-fitting sports shoes. Well I wear my brother's shoes, which he wore for Cricket some ten years ago! I cannot ask my parents for new shoes, because currently, I want heels, and not sports shoes. Anyway, proper sized shoes are a must. If you have a bad pair of shoes, it's ultimately going to lead to pains (ankles, calves, knees, etc.).

3. Sticking to the Same Routine | One must change their conventional style of working-out on a treadmill. If you do not do so, your body will get used to the routine, and it might be dangerous. You need to keep on working with different speeds, duration, tricks and the before-treadmill-work-out.

4. Steep Incline | I never have tried a steep incline on a treadmill, so I cannot give my opinions and 'expert comments' on it. But if you run with a steep incline, maybe that is a mistake.

5. Wearing Loose Clothing | Oops, I'm the biggest stupid person here, but I just cannot wear tight clothes. I don't know what is the negative side of wearing loose clothes on treadmills (poor me, that part of the article is not on the wall), but there has to be one. So if you have the option of choosing between tight and loose clothes, and I would say (or rather experts would say) to wear tight ones!

6. Skipping Warm-Up | I don't know if it is normal, or I am an abnormal person, but I need my attention while running on a treadmill. If I'm not in a mood, I just cannot even walk, and after spending only two minutes on it, I feel like I will choke (and die!). I guess it has got to do something with the warm-up.
Before you keep your feet on a treadmill, make sure you have warmed up at least for five to seven minutes. You can concentrate on stretching at this time.

7. Talking on the Phone | Wait...who even does that? You definitely must be a special kind of stupid.

8. Standing Directly on the Belt | Don't ever jump on to the (side) belts, directly. You might hurt yourself by slipping off. If you want to use the side-belts, you can stand on them, start the treadmill, and then start walking.

9. Abruptly getting off the Treadmill | Why in the world do you even want to get off the treadmill without stopping it or slowing it down? I'm sure no fire has broken out anywhere.

Let us all thank Lisa Antao for this amazing piece of information. I hope we all (including me) follow these tips.

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