Things that I Loved Throughout // April

by - May 01, 2014

I seriously don't have any clue what things I'm going to write here. My cousin sister and aunt are here, and my attention is halfway to their talks. I guess I'm going to take help of my agenda, and then make a list.

I couldn't write yesterday because I was sort of busy. I seriously don't like to miss even a day's post like this.

ONE // Result
Do you guys know? I stood first in my class (college) for SYBMM's Semester IV. I got 79.33% which was totally, totally surprising. I got an SGPA of 6.83, and the students who scored after me were 6.67. I am absolutely proud of myself, and I guess I couldn't do any better. I myself know how much I had studied and how much I got. So I'm happy.

TWO // Parents' Pride
My mom couldn't believe either. She was so happy. And so was my dad. I love how she called her friends and relatives to tell them how proud she was, and how intelligent her child is (not bragging).
Trust me, nothing can make you as happy as seeing your mom happy and proud because of YOU.

THREE// Sleeveless Kurtis
I kind of don't like wearing sleeveless clothes, because I think they don't suit my body type. But this summer, I dared to wear them, and I felt pretty good. So there shouldn't be a problem henceforth, hopefully.

FOUR // Gym-ing
I had joined gym for April. Actually, the initial date of going to China was 20th April, so I did not join any class. Also I joined gym for only one month, i.e., April.
This month the experience was good, than the last year. I actually kept socks that matched the t-shirt I wore in my gym-bag before going to gym, every day. Not for a single day I thought of not keeping them, or lazing around. I also kept a multi-utility pouch in the bag. It had a face-wash. And I washed my face with a face-wash, as well! WOW. What a drastic change in me!
But seriously, I had lots of fun.

FIVE// Bag-Clips
We had few bag-clips at home already. But they were utilized for some thing or the other. So I always wanted to buy a packet of them. While I went with mom to buy the cups, I saw this packet hanging near the counter. I immediately asked my mom to buy it. 
I love the bright colours; they just make my day.

SIX // Computer Table Update
I love my computer table currently; it looks so chic. 
I love how the supplies are arranged. Change is good.

SEVEN // Instagram Account
I've got a great tip to put good photos on Instagram. Sometimes if I open Instagram, and there are no new photos of anyone, I just go to my profile, and keep looking at my own ones. 

EIGHT // A Change in Me
Well, well, well. That is my hand, and I have put a Royal Blue coloured nail polish. I ONLY applied black colour, but recently I've applied a graffiti, royal blue, and five years back I had applied red as well.
Today I had to attend my nephew's Thread Ceremony, and for that I had to paint my nails blue. (Don't worry; I removed the nail polish as soon as I got home!)
Nowadays I have started paying a little more attention towards dressing up myself.

NINE // The Life
Life seems so different in vacations. 

TEN // Putting Videos on Blog
I thought we always needed to upload videos on the blog. But while posting about favourite movies, I discovered that we can post them directly from YouTube. Now I can simply upload any video on TPCG.

ELEVEN // Wallpaper
I loved the quote, and the background. I purposely made the background in black, because I wanted dark wallpaper for my Lumia's lockscreen, and I think keeping light coloured wallpapers help in lowering the battery sooner.

TWELVE // My Closet
My closet just doesn't go messy. I always keep the clothes folded properly. The overall look of it, especially after keeping the shoes, has driven me crazy.

THIRTEEN // Organization
I loved how I organized many things for my storage shelf in April. I especially loved the organization of these wires.

What are your April favourites?

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