The China Diaries // Day 14 + WalMart Mini Haul

by - May 27, 2014

I started writing a different post earlier, but now when I realized that the post would be too long to finish it early, I took up a different topic. Actually I am sleepy, which is strange. So I have to write a post as soon as possible and give myself a peaceful sleep.

Today we had to go out to WalMart to buy plates and vegetables. My dad's colleagues are coming tomorrow for dinner, so we are preparing for it right from today. They are five of them, plus we three; so we will need eight plates, whereas we had just five here. So we had to buy plates anyhow. For that we had to go to WalMart in the morning itself.

We went to WalMart, and I had to buy a deodorant. I hadn't brought mine to China, because there was no need to, as I could've got here without any issue. So we were just roaming in the toiletries section as well. That's when I bought few more things. (You know I cannot help but put few things for me every time we hit departmental stores!)

I bought this little bottle of Fa deodorant which was of 50 ml for Rs 100. So just imagine what would be the price of the normal sized bottle here? No bottle was less than Rs. 490 (49 Yuan!); a deodorant for Rs 490; that too Fa and Nivea. We get same bottles for Rs. 150 + in India. No, thank you.

I got this packet of three razors for a good deal. I don't remember its price, but I do know that the main reason why we bought it, was the deal. 

Though I've bought a pack of dry tissues already, I bought this because it had a good deal too. I got this packet of ten packets of tissues, having ten tissues each, which have three tissues folded in them, (that means 300 tissues) for Rs 30. Not bad, eh? 
 And as my mom has agreed to the fact that tissues are useful, she didn't oppose. And c'mon, I am going to use them sometime! They won't be a waste.

After the toiletries, we entered the section where we get utensils, clothespins, clips, brooms, wash clothes, etc. That time I remembered that we had to buy bag-clips for this home. We had bought a small packet of these clips in India, but we needed in plenty here in China. So we at last found the packet. We were searching it since the day 1.


We bought this packet for Rs. 200. There are 5.5 cm sized 20 clips, and 11 cm 10 clips inside the packet. The colours we bought are--small sized clips are green and blue; and the large sized are white and hot pink.

After putting them in the trolley, we searched for plates; however there were only medium sized plates. So we were thinking what was to be done now.

After coming home, we had lunch, and I was blogging. But I was so sleepy, that I slept while writing the blog. After that, I got up around 5:30, and checked my cellphone; dad had texted me to get ready and that we were going to Carrefour.

Dad came and we gave him tea. After that we left for Carrefour. We took a different route. We went to Decathlon store, where we get sporting goods; it's a large store. We did not buy anything from there, and I guess, going to this store was our biggest mistake for the night.

After the store, we went to an Indian restaurant named 'Kebabs on the Grille' for dinner. One small bowl of bhaji was for Rs. 950 and a butter roti for Rs. 200. Well, we had to eat, anyway. It felt good to be there. The manager was a young man who was from Mumbai itself. Oh, and the waitresses were Chinese and were dressed in Kurta as their uniform.

We had delicious food, and left for Carrefour. We were getting late, as it was 8:50 already when we left the restaurant. Thankfully Carrefour was few footsteps away from this restaurant, so there was no issue of traveling.

We entered Carrefour, and it seemed sort of strangely deserted--there were people, however they were rushing. Also the escalator to go up was not working (or rather was stopped by them to stop the customers to enter the store). But even though the escalator was not working and there was a board kept near it, we crossed it and rushed (rather, ran) upwards, so that we buy the plates and remaining foodstuff for tomorrow's dinner.

This Carrefour is located in the area where lot of foreigners stay. So it has a nicer amount of goods. We bought plates, spoons, sugar, tofu and other things. We rushed to the bill counter, paid, and left the store; we had to catch a taxi, as this place is very far from our house. We got one, and finally reached home.

After going home, we dissembled grocery, vegetables and plates, and sat on the sofa, breathing heavily.

So finally now I am in my bedroom, writing the blog, and my room is sort of a mess right now.
See you tomorrow, anyway!

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