The China Diaries // Day 2

by - May 16, 2014

Day 2

Today was way too different than yesterday; we are planning to spend the rest of the evening at home itself.  It is 5:16 here, and I’m sitting inside the warm quilt with a black hoodie, and eating Cacao Party Wafer Biscuits side-by-side. (I must stop eating them.) Only an hour left until dad comes home.

So today morning I got up at 6:41 IST (I’m sorry for not keeping the time zone constant; in my cellphone it is IST and in laptop it is CST.) After the regular brushing, breakfasting and bathing, I changed to an All t-shirt and my favorite Levi’s distressed jeans, with an Aviator wayfarers, for the Police Station.

We went to Police Station to register our temporary residence, with dad’s company’s Secretary. She’s Chinese, of course; loved the way she pronounces ‘Bhagwat’.  The station is near to our house, so it wasn’t a long drive. At 10:15 CST, we sat in a Toyota mini bus (sort of a van), with a man from India itself, the Secretary, and a Chinese driver. Shanghai’s Police Station is nothing like India’s—it is calm, clean and sophisticated.

After signing four times, our registration was done. While waiting at the station, mom and I decided to go to Walmart (again) before going home. As Walmart is a road away, we frequently go there. We stopped the bus/van near the entrance of the Plaza, where Walmart is located. Then as always, without seeing others shops, we directly stepped onto the escalators to the second floor’s Walmart.

I always was keen to see what all things this store has; the things aren’t as amazing as I’d imagined them to be; they’re average. As you all might know that I am interested in stationary more than anything (well at least now), I went straightaway to the stationary section, and really loved few items there. But the sad thing was that my mom had neither carried Yuan with her, nor an international debit card (as the Walmart plan was spontaneous).

The funniest part before entering Walmart was a lady who didn’t know English—a different lady had distributed a restaurant’s pamphlet before entering the mall. Before entering Walmart, mom and I thought of going to the loo. So we asked a security lady outside Walmart who was dressed in red that where the toilet was, and she didn’t know what we meant. She later thought we were asking her directions towards that restaurant whose pamphlet we had in our hand! We tried to tell her that we do not want to go there, but she only replied something in Chinese, of course with that peculiar smile! At last we said “Xie xie” to her, and left the Walmart entrance, to search the toilet all by ourselves. I am really thankful that the sign of a toilet (a girl and a boy), is the same throughout the world; else it would’ve been tough. 

After Walmart, we crossed the clean road, and headed towards our apartment. And on our way, in our beautiful society, we clicked pictures! Then after going home, we ate readymade Poli, along with Matki Usal and Koshimbir (Salad). Then I was on laptop munching on cocoa wafer biscuits, and mom was watching TV. Dad came by 6:15.

Then in a while, doorbell rang, and a lady came with a 20 liters bottle of water. I would’ve never imagined a lady carrying something heavy like this in India. My dad says that in China mostly only ladies carry such heavy bottles; they even carry it to his office, which has four floors and no lift, as well!

The night went well, and I had to get up the other day to go out with mom, just to pass the time. However, as I slept late that night (yesterday), I couldn’t get up early the next day (today). But I was eager to go, as the stationary items were waiting for me!

P.S. Today’s (Day 3) diary will be uploaded tomorrow or day after. I will also post the Walmart Haul. Stay glued! 


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