Shanghai Ocean Aquarium // Unique Fishes

by - May 29, 2014

 I saw lot of fishes the other day. I thought most of them were similar, but when I read their description and their names, I realized that I was wrong. Every fish that I saw had a different specialty of its own.
I tried hard to click photos, but the fishes were not steady. It was difficult.

Is he Magikarp pokemon?

Sea Horse

I loved this thing.  This showed actual growth of a shark inside the egg. Shark as in not the big one. That small sized fish that looks weird.
If you still didn't get it, look at the second picture from here.

 The best part of this was that the baby sharks inside the egg were moving! They were alive!

This is the shark inside those eggs.

Glass Catfish.

Matamata Turtle

White-blotched River Stingray

Freshwater Sawfish

Red-lined Torpedo Barb

Odessa Barb

Fire Eel

Freshwater Pipefish


This fish has a sort of tiger-like stripes. I tried many times to click a better picture of this fish.

This fish can turn into a ball, by blowing himself up. He does this when a bigger fish attacks him. 


Three Spotted Eartheater

Chinese Sea Dragon

Garden Eel

Spotfin Lionfish

It's a type of a jelly fish.

Sea Turtle, I guess. I always have a special bond with turtles; because I had four as my pets.


Hope you had a fun dive in the ocean!

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