Keep Mangoes With You All Round The Year

by - May 07, 2014

It is May, which also means it is the official mango-month. You might have started fearing mangoes' disappearance after the month ends already. Fear not, guys; I have a great way to preserve mangoes.

My mom did it last year and this year as well (rather she just got done with it today afternoon itself, and thus I thought of writing a post). I don't know if you knew this already, but anyway here is the BIG SECRET. Before I start, I would like to thank my mother's friend for this tip.

  1. Take as many Alphonso mangoes as possible. We took two dozen. You can take as many as you want. The more, the better.
  2. Wash mangoes, and remove the pulp out of them in a vessel.
  3. Put sugar in the vessel containing pulp. Remember, sugar won't just add sweetness to the pulp, but it will act as a preservative too.
  4. Boil the pulp till it looks like something between jam and sauce.
  5. Let the newly boiled pulp cool down, and then pour it in a container that you can refrigerate.
And then enjoy it anytime, anywhere, and at any season, ALL ROUND THE YEAR!
My mom made it this time for my brother. We are going to ship him some mangoes.

TIP: You can add the pulp in milk for a delicious mango milkshake any time.
Go, rush. Tell your mom.


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