What to Pack for a Vacation in China + Organization Tips

by - May 15, 2014

I’m writing this post sitting inside a plane! I didn’t post on the 12th because I was packing and finalizing my luggage, and I thought it was wise of my parents to not allow me to post but help them to pack the bags.

The luggage is crazy! We’re staying there for a month, so the luggage is heavy. Not just heavy, but a big and bold HEAVY. We have carried two large strollers; one of them belongs to me and the other is supposed to be dad’s, but there are food items more than his belongings (doesn’t matter; he loves eating!). The third bag is a smaller sized stroller, which has clothes and few food items, and that is of my mom. You will know how really simple my mom is by seeing the size of the bag! 
Well, these three were the check-in bags; there are three more, which obviously are the carry-ons.

I have carried a leather handbag by Move and Moda, whose picture I have already posted on TPCG. There is just my stuff in the handbag. (To know what I kept in the carry-on handbag, visit this page.) Alright, so the second carry-on is my dad’s backpack; it is too heavy (and I scolded him many times to keep the heavy sack down, but he didn’t listen). He has kept his (now mine) laptop and few (really heavy) books, along with miscellaneous items. And the third, a cute sky blue coloured Reebok duffle bag, is with my mom; all the ‘oh I forgot to keep this is my bag, and it is already packed now’ items are inside it. And there’s my mom’s handbag too; the regular, typical purse.

No matter we carried seven bags, yet we needed an eighth one too. All the seven bags are insanely bulky!

Now let’s finally get to the post. 

I am not going to talk in details about the olive green bag. This bag is exclusively mine! It has orange interiors, and it is by Skybags, VIP. 

This is how the bag looks like after removing the towel.

I had also carried hangers, because my dad had asked me to. 

I have kept makeup, razors, bandaids, nail polishes, etc. in this little compartment. It is very handy.

In this chain, which is on the flap, I have kept caps, scarves, shoes, and sunglasses. 

I loved this tip, and I owe it to someone on YouTube. If you have space issues, you can roll up your clothes, and keep them in such a way. This trick saves a lot of space. I kept six clothes rolled up in the above picture, and it took hardly any space vertically. 

We carried Indian Chaklya to China as well.
TIP: Always keep food items in between clothes. 

So, I did not give a write about a list of items that you should carry to China, like the last time I did when I was going to Udaipur, India; but anyway, these are some of the essentials-
  1. Umbrella
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Warm Clothes
  4. Vegetarian Food (For pure vegetarians)
  5. Floral printed clothes and accessories
  6. Light coloured clothes and accessories
  7. Caps/Hats
  8. Shorts
  9. Printed Shorts
  10. Bellies
  11. Translation App
  12. Camera
  13. Moisturizer
  14.  Diary

When are you visiting China? ;)

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