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by - May 30, 2014

 Such a big title this post has! Well, I've started writing this post from the afternoon-time itself. Not because it's a big post, but because I have decided to start writing posts from the afternoon, rather than simply lying down on sofa, and watching same news again and again, or hoping there are good serials on ARY Digital (Pakistani channel) or Star Utsav.

Day 16

(I am going to write this day in pointers, because it wasn't a memorable one.)

  • I got up, brushed, breakfast and so on.
  • We had decided to take a complete rest today, as we had worked a lot yesterday (Day 15), as the guests had come home for dinner.
  • We had lunch in a while.
  • Then I was watching TV.
  • Dad came at 6, which followed by a hot cup of tea and biscuits.
  • All the stock is over at home -- Chocolates are almost about to get over; there are no chips left; and no biscuits.
  • I was bored to see the same faces and same news in the evening.
  • I could've easily sat on the net, and write blog or do something. But the net speed was very, very slow.
  • We had dinner.
  • I was so irritated, that I was crying. We hadn't gone out today; so maybe I was bored because of that.
  • We went in our rooms; I wrote blog.
  • I slept!

Sorry to sound boring, but Day 16 in reality was so boring.

Day 17

I got up, and was excited as the baby boy was coming with his mom (our maid) today. So I got up excitedly, brushed, had water and sat on sofa. I didn't have my breakfast as well.

However, at around 12, the door knocked, and it was the maid; but the baby boy hadn't come along with her. Me and mom, both, were disappointed. Anyway, in a while she went. We immediately heated the food for lunch (as we both were hungry).

Post lunch, I was sitting in my room, and was writing blog. I also was surfing on Facebook and was listening to old Bollywood songs. (These are the only decent songs on my laptop right now.)

I almost sat in my room from 3 to 5:30. Then at 5:45 I got up and switched on the TV. Soon dad came. I was desperately trying to search a good program on the TV, but all the channels were disappointing. Finally I watched the serial How Do I Look? on DIVA Universal channel. It was a fun show, but could only watch the end part of it as I had switched on the TV late.

As soon as the show was over, I thought my life would end there, but after browsing through channels, I found the movie Monsters University. Again I watched its end part. I watched it from the last 'scare' match to the end. What a movie that is!

After that we had dinner. I made salad, and it was yummy -- I put salad leaves, tomato pieces, onion pieces, grated carrot, chilli powder, salt, sugar, and topped it with yogurt-mint dressing. It was superb!

After dinner, we had to do something, well at least I; else I would've died of boredom. I don't know why but since two days I am bored. (Thankfully, tomorrow dad has a holiday, and we're going out!)
As there was nothing decent on TV, dad connected his hard disk, and we watched a Marathi movie Lapun Chhapun. Such a funny movie! I laughed my heart out. As soon as the movie was over, I asked dad to put on some other movie, so dad put Mumbaicha Jawai. This film is very old and is black-and-white. We laughed for starting half-hour, but later switched it off, as it was 11:24 here. (Big deal, man.)

Right now I am sitting in my room. Rest of the post is written already; so I just have to check for grammar and spelling mistakes, add on few sentences and words, and publish! (I am feeling good that I have written more than half the post in the afternoon itself!)

Now, after the diary of Day 16 and Day 17, let me take you on a tour of my room in China.

This is the entry to my room. It sort of looks like a royal entrance. (It does look.)

This is my bed. It is too large. I liked the bed-sheet. And yes, I know the room or the bed, are looking small, but they're big in actuality.

There is neither a wardrobe, nor a table in this room. So I use this sofa as my table, and my bag as the wardrobe.

This little frog sleeps next to me every night. I love it so much.

This is the crazy view from the room after opening the curtains. I loved the windows. They're of full length. Even though ours is a ground floor, surprisingly nobody peeps in.

 A closer view outside. Love is beautiful; always inspires me to step out of the house.

I keep my handbag and camera bag behind the main luggage. I need both the bags very often.

I liked the magnetic stopper behind my room's door (though it makes a thud sound whenever I push the door back at night).

My saviour -- There is a charging point right near my bed.

There are only two switches in this room. And both of them have the same connection. It shuts off the light. One is near my bed, and the other is near the entrance of the room. If you're thinking of putting connections to your new room, don't forget to use this tip. Always keep the main switches (especially lights) near your bed and near the entrance. It makes everything so simple. (Plus if you're afraid of the dark, they'll always help you.)

I hope you liked the room. Goodnight. x

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