The Four Types of Washes

By Rutuja Bhagwat - May 03, 2014

I always had this thing in mind...since many days. I feel that personal hygiene is as important as personal beauty. Every time I have bath, lost in songs or simply imagining or making decisions (weirdest part) in the bathroom, I have this thing in mind.

There are four washes every girl must have in her bathroom. Apart from these four, you can have other washes as well, but don't forget to always keep these in your shower.

ONE // Shampoo for Hair
No matter whether you use dry-shampoo, conditioner, mousse, serum or any other hair product, you know you cannot just deny the power of a shampoo.
Currently I am using L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 shampoo; rather I am using it for a year now. But I'm thinking of changing it, as I think I might have a dandruff problem.

TWO // Face-wash for Face
Similarly, there are lot of products for cleansing the face, including scrubs, exfoliators, cleansers or face-masks, but there has to be a product to only clean your face, and do the scrubbing/shining later. Some of you might use soap for the face, and some of you might be using a face-wash like I do, but may it be whatever, be sure that you clean your face properly and regularly.

THREE // Body-Gel/Soap for Body
 Well, this is something obvious. I know you all apply some kind of wash for the body, be it soap or body-gel. Anyway see to it that you change them according to the season.

FOUR // Intimate Wash for the Private Parts
Aha! This is what I wanted to tell. Consult a gynecologist for an appropriate type of wash. If you just buy a wash because your best friend does, then it will only be dangerous, as private parts are delicate, and prone to irritation. So make sure to consult a gynecologist before buying an intimate wash.

Are you cleaning yourself right?

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