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by - May 10, 2014

I’m writing this post on a word document and then I will copy-paste it on the blogger page. I’m in car, towards Pune, and I’m sitting between my mom and aunt on the backseat. It is so fun to travel with family! I seriously love it to be with family. We have traveled so much in my childhood!

So now continuing with yesterday’s post...oh yes, before that, let me share my happiness with you all—I am writing this post on my brand new Asus PC convertible tablet notebook (I don’t know if this is the product name!) I love it. It is lightweight and amazing.

Alright; these are her mark-sheets; super organized, aren’t they? I loved the efforts she has taken to organize the photo copies. Marvelous!

She has put stick-notes on every pile to tell what the pile contains. After that she has put u-pins to compile all the copies under one title.

These are the topics that she wrote-
1.     Semester III and IV SY Mark-sheets
1.     Semester II FY Mark-sheet
1.     FY Mark-sheet First Semester
1.     FYJC Result
1.     Passing Certificate (SSC)
1.     Without Attestation SSC Result
1.     SSC Result
1.     HSC Result without Attestation
1.     HSC Result 12th
1.     Extras
1.     Air Force Certificate

If you organize your photo copies like her, then you will exactly know how many copies of your 12th mark-sheet you have, or whether you have attested copies, or no.

P.S. I am sorry for writing such an important post so nastily; but I just got back from Pune half an hour ago.

How do you organize your photo copies?

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