Soon to Travel to China

by - May 11, 2014

I am in the just-one-of-those-days-when-nothing-strikes-you mood right now. I just went to the salon to groom myself (groom as in only the essentials; nothing to enhance the beauty, please). And now I simply cannot think of any topic to post on. And as I am in a super-packing mode right now, there will definitely be nothing but CHINA, CHINA everywhere.

The outfit which I am going to wear while going to China is already chosen! I'm super excited. I'm more excited for the flight journey, than staying in China, because I don't know how it will be in China. The outfit includes a leather handbag by Move and Moda, a leather jacket by New Look (both being brands of UK), black and floral printed tunic by Bossini, distressed jeans (or can be a black jeans) by Levi Strauss and cherry red bellies by W. I decided to go with a dark theme because it won't be hot or sunny in the journey. And hello, flights are chilly!

Well, I am going to stay in Shanghai, in my dad's apartment. Actually, his company has given this apartment to him. There are two bedrooms there, which means I'll get a room for myself (nothing makes me happier!). I am thinking of posting an apartment-tour. 
And as I will have the laptop exclusively for me, I'll get a better chance and more time to dedicate to TPCG. 

I have decided to shop accessories and stationary more than clothes.

And...I'm excited.

How excited do you get few days before a trip?

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