The China Diaries // Day 8 and Day 9

by - May 22, 2014

Day 8

Today, though dad had a holiday, we didn’t go out anywhere. I was ill, and so I thought I should take a rest. Rather, I was ill and it was impossible for me to step out of the house.

In the morning, as usual I got up; followed by brushing and breakfast (which was a hot bowl of Pohe). However, I did not bath today (or shall I say, I 'could not' bath today?). I was too sick to have a bath in the cold 'summer'. But I guess, once a while, it is okay to not bath; am I right? 

Later, we watched TV (usual news), and then it was lunch time. Then in the afternoon, mom and dad went in the bedroom to take a small nap, whereas I was writing Day 7’s remaining blog. It was too much to write. And today it is total contradictory to yesterday-- I don't have anything to write for the post 'Day 8'. So I guess I'll stick to the points, and make the post a 'short and sweet' type of a write-up. Well, frankly, I don't remember what I did yesterday, in minute details. It is as if I fell on my head, and I suffered from a temporary memory loss.

Anyway, it was 5, and my parents got up. It was grilled sandwiches for dinner tonight, but we didn't have bread slices at home; so they had to go to the WalMart to buy a packet of bread. As I wasn't well, I said I couldn't go with them. So they themselves went to the WalMart. 

I was alone from 6 to 7; just an hour? Yes; an hour seems too long when you're in a different country, and ALONE. I couldn't 'enjoy' my lonely time, so I continued writing my blog. Yesterday's post was a never-ending one. So I thought I should write it from the afternoon itself, so that I could rest in the night (perhaps). 

Anyway, I wasn't alone; I had packets of tango potato sticks, caramel (oh my God) popcorn and onion rings with me. Onion rings tasted like upma, and I didn't like their taste. The evening passed by, and it was a knock on the door. I made sure the knock was from my parents and then opened the door.

They bought many things--bread, water jar, striped bedsheet, slice cake, polka dotted cup, and many other miscellaneous items. I happily went through the bags. I love peeping inside these shopping bags, no matter what things they bring. Every evening, when my mom brings some vegetable or a household thing, I peep inside her bag, and even she shows me things with great enthusiasm. 

After they sat for few minutes, mom got up to make grilled sandwiches. My mom is an expert cook. She makes everything tasty; right from buttermilk to butter naan

After dinner, we passed the time watching TV, and went in our respective rooms. I finished off the blog, published it, publicized it on Facebook, and shut the laptop. I had decided to take rest now. I spent too much of time on laptop; so I switched it off immediately. Then I chatted with my friends, and slept.

Day 9

Well, even today I was at home for the whole day. And that's the reason why maybe I was bored to death in the evening. Now as I write blog, I am pretty normal, as I have something to do. 
Sometimes, all of a sudden, I feel lonely and negative. It happened today evening. I hate when this happens. 

I got up, and mom gave me grilled sandwiches for breakfast. I immediately had bath, because we had to turn on the washing machine. The weather today was sunny and windy. So it was a good opportunity to wash the clothes, as they had greater chances of drying. 

In the noon, after lunch, we were watching Totally Spies and Tom and Jerry. It felt really good to watch these cartoons; they're two of my favourites. 
If you ask me, whom I love out of Tom and Jerry, I would say 'Tom'. I have loved Tom since childhood, and I've always hated Jerry. I hated the fact how Tom was a poor kitty, and always suffered pain due to Jerry. Even now I hate Jerry, and his stupid not-so-cute acts! (I'm kidding. But I really love TOM.)

After the Tom and Jerry, I switched to Nickelodeon, and watched a film--Swindler. It was a fun movie, and I got glued to it. After the movie, it was 5:30. As my dad keeps fasting on Thursdays, we started preparing for dinner earlier today. As there are no foodstuffs here to make a Sabudana Khichadi or Sabudana Vadas, we had to prepare food earlier. 

Today we had Chana Masala (Chhole) for dinner. As the ready-made packets have an expiry date, we need to make them before the date passes. This Chana Masala packet was getting expired in May-end. So we had to make it as early as possible. I read the ingredients required and the steps for making the recipe to mom. 

In a while dad came, and we started preparing for dinner. Dad connected his hard disk to the TV, and we watched Marathi movie Balgandharva while preparing dinner. I cut tomatoes, and put water in the 'spice mix' to make a thick paste. Mom made Poli, and we had a freshly made bowl of Chana Masala along with soft and bouncy Poli

After dinner, now I am sitting in my room, and writing blog. I'm done writing blog at 9:47 CST itself. I hope now I don't get bored for the rest of the night. 


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