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by - May 23, 2014

 I have shopped quite a few items. Like I told you earlier, everything is costly here. So I've bought only those things which I got in a lesser price than we get in India, a little more pricey, or pricey and worth it.

Aiyaya Store-


How pretty is the bag? If the bag is so cute, imagine how the shop must be. We entered the shop thinking it to be a kids' shop. After exploring the items, we realized how fortunate we were to enter it (I am serious). As this shop is in the plaza itself, I always feel eager to enter, and check if I have missed on anything.

ONE // Folding Cloth Bag
These cloth bags were in full trend during olden times; olden in the sense our grandparents' times (only that they were ugly then). I loved this bag. It is small in size, and will be perfect to carry it in rainy season if I have to buy quick groceries for mom. The design on it is superb!


This is how the bag looks after folding. While we were in the shop, I saw this folded item; and I was curious to know what it was. I opened it and it was a beautiful bag. The bag I had opened prior to this was an orange one. I bought the pink one, because it looked nicer. 
The only bad thing about this bag is the price. It costs Rs. 90.


TWO // Hair Elastics
This is a best buy of May! No matter how many hair elastics we have at home, they disappear eventually. So we bought a packet of ten elastics, for Rs. 50. After opening the packet, I wasn't disappointed, as the elastics are really good.
 (And I don't know what a guy's photo is doing on a packet of elastic bands!)

THREE // Leopard-printed Hair Clip
Oh My God. I love this clip like crazy. We bought it as soon as we saw it. It is big, has a good grip, and the print is super awesome. 
The only problem is the price; it is worth Rs.100 (but I guess it is okay).


FOUR // Travel Spray Bottle
I wanted a spray bottle since last to last year's summer, when I thought I should carry freshening water with me everywhere in summer. As I've bought it now, I might fill this bottle with water and a bit of rose-water (or rose-petals). Let's see how it goes.
I got this cute little bottle for only Rs. 27 (2.9 Yuan)! And I'm thinking of buying more for my friends as well.

Lotus Departmental Store-


ONE // Hello Kitty Erasers
The title should be 'Hello Kitty ORIGINAL Erasers'. The good thing about buying Hello Kitty stuff in China is their originality. Mostly all the HK products are original by Sanrio. And yes, HK stuff is very, very expensive. I got this packet for Rs. 30.

 TWO // Girly Folder
I bought this folder mainly because it had a different design. We get cartoon folders in India, but I had never seen a folder having nail-polishes, perfumes, scents, etc. on it. Plus the folder wasn't expensive. 

THREE // Funny Cartoon Folder
I was going to pick some other folder, but then I saw this one. There were two colours available in this pattern--grey and hot pink. I chose grey because I thought I'd bought too many 'pink' coloured items.
The folder is a two way folder. (It is closed on two sides, and opens on two sides, just like the green coloured new folder I bought from Star Bazaar, India.)

FOUR // Colourful Cello-Tape Packet
Remember I'd told you my best friend had asked me to get her something unique? So I bought this packet which is similar to mine. Mine was from WalMart, this is from Lotus.

From Roadside-

ONE // Peachy Cosmetic Case
Alright I know it is a duplicate of Tory Burch logo, but you know what? I don't care anymore. I don't care from where I will buy stuff, from now on. If the stuff is good, I will buy it, irrespective of the brand or shop. 
All my life I have been obsessing over brands, and in return I get hardly any clothes for Rs 2000. I'm going to be less brand-obsessed from now on.
Anyway, this case is perfect to keep all the little essentials. I will post a different write-up on it, as soon as my college starts.

Metro City Mall-

ONE // Dry Tissues Packet
I have a good amount of tissues with me on this vacation, plus dad has kept lot of tissues everywhere in the house, so I don't think I would need tissues in the near future. But this packet was a good deal. I got a packet of 6 dry tissues packet (60 tissues) for Rs. 50. That's the reason why I bought them. And they're original Disney tissues. 


TWO // Hello Kitty Wet Wipes
And again, they're original. They were a bit expensive, but I wanted to try them out. 



ONE // Baby Pink Wallet
I didn't like the moustache on the wallet, but it is okay. We bought it for mom. She said she will use it when her current wallet gets old and torn. (It is my mom's future planning!) Anyway, her current wallet is pretty new, so I don't think she will use it any soon. Till then I will use it.

Finally the list is over. I have accidentally cut my finger slightly while cutting tomatoes, and have put a bandage, so it was very difficult for me to type this post. Also, the internet speed was slow in the start; but now it is normal.

Tomorrow I have to get up early at 6; we're going zoo! So goodnight, girlies. xoxo.

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