WalMart Haul

by - May 18, 2014

I shopped these items on two different days.

As I'd already said, I had been visiting WalMart for three consecutive days. I have shopped quite a few items-

ONE // White Rainy Bellies
Such bellies are always in trend in India during monsoon. And that's the reason why I never purchased them. There are lots of colours available. I always wore a Puma unisex sandals in monsoon; and they looked dreadful on Kurtas or tunics. So this time I had decided to do something about it.
While I was searching for flip flops to wear at home, here in China, I saw these bellies. Before these, I had seen a typical pair of bellies which almost every Indian girl wore in monsoon; but as I didn't want to look similar, I dropped the idea of buying rainy shoes. However, in a while, further, I saw this pair, and I was happy! These shoes are definitely unique (and I'm desperately hoping this style doesn't come in India). 

These shoes have a different shape than the regular bellies, and that's why I bought them. I did not check the price.
(I wore them yesterday; but got shoe bites near both the ankles.)

TWO // Floral Three-Fourth Pajamas
Many times, when guests come over, or I go at someone's house for a stay, I lack good full-length pajamas. Of course I can wear shorts/boxers in front of them; no issues with that. But mostly shorts have wide radii towards the thighs. And I'm too active; I roam here and there in the house, I sit like boys, etc.; so it appears bad. That's the reason why I needed long pajamas.

We were at the lingerie section, and I came across these cute pajamas. I had selected a different one, but later my mom liked this one, so we bought this. It is very comfy and soft. This print doesn't go with all the colours though.

THREE // Shorts
To the left of the pajamas, was the rack of these cute shorts. As I am a shorts lover and a big shorts user (at home, please), I always like to buy new shorts. No matter what season it is, I only wear shorts at home.

The shorts appear white, but they are peach. I bought them because they were soft and comfortable. Also, the price was Rs. 120 (12 Yuan) only! I loved the cherries on them.

FOUR // Colourful Cello Tape Packet
I was searching for Washi tapes, but sadly, couldn't find even one. So instead I bought this packet. They are six in total, with the colours fluorescent pink, orange, yellow, light green, teal, and sky-bluish grey. They are the size of a small cello tape.
My best friend Rutuja had told me to bring something unique for her. When I had bought this packet, I showed her, and asked her if she wanted this. She said yes. So today after I'd been to Lotus departmental store, I searched an exact packet like this, and got one!
The packet costs Rs. 50 approximately (4.90 Yuan).

FIVE // Preppy Books
My best friend Pournami had loved all the things I had asked my dad to buy online from a Chinese site. She craved on such books, and stick notes. So as soon as I saw these, I picked up three colours--baby pink, hot pink, and black. I am going to keep black for myself.

Chinese products always have such lines on them. So cute.

This is a closer look. I got each book for Rs 70. There were more colours available, but I chose these.

SIX // Sleeveless T-Shirt
I loved this type as soon as I saw it. I don't know its price. It's a perfect top for summer or spring.

This t-shirt has a design of green, royal blue, and sky blue hibiscus flowers. I chose this over other cute designs. The material of the t-shirt is soft but thin, so it won't last longer.

SEVEN // Skull Printed Loose Pants
I had mentioned about these pants in a previous post. This pant was a first time purchase for me. I have never bought a pant like this before. So whenever I wear, it is going to be something really new. I got this pant for Rs 590 (59 Yuan). It is not expensive, but then again I bought it from a departmental store, so it should not be this pricey.

EIGHT // Miffy Stick Notes
These are seriously the best stick notes till now. They're of the cartoon Miffy and Friends; and I remember its title song--'Miffy...pyara pyara bunny; Miffy...pyara pyara bunny; Miffy...and FRIENDS! (LOL)
This cartoon is just like Oswald--slow.
Anyway, I bought this stick notes for my best friend Pournami. I don't think I would dare to buy one for myself; because I have a full box of these notes! There are seven different stacks of stick notes in this packet. I got it for Rs. 60.

That's it.
Sorry for the bad editing, and even worse brightness and exposure; the light was bad when I clicked the photos.


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