Goals-To-Achieve List // May

by - May 02, 2014

May is finally here. I was excited for May, because in this month itself I'm flying to China! Though I haven't started packing yet, there are few grocery items that we've checked. As all of us are vegetarians (or rather eggitarians), and we're going to stay there for a month, we will need some home-food. And it is China; we hardly get any vegetarian food there. That's the reason why we're carrying flour and other vegetables as well, because c'mon, it is impossible to eat outside every day. 

Anyway, here are the goals.

ONE // Enjoying in China
We are going to stay there for a month. The saddest part is that my father will take his laptop to office every day, which means I won't be able to pass my time in the most favourite way of mine. But I need to find some alternatives. I am going to carry three to four novels there and a Cosmopolitan magazine; I might even carry novel and magazine for the in-flight time pass. Apart from that, I might just watch TV with Chinese language and try to understand it.

TWO // Reading Books
I am going to carry the Sense and the Sensibility, Life of Pi and few other novels there. As I won't have anything to do, I might actually read books. (Hoping I really do it!)

THREE // Staying in Touch
Though I'll be in China, I'll stay in touch with close ones in India through net. There are few birthdays coming up as well. 

FOUR // Writing Blog
There is a major problem of Google sites and Facebook in China. I really hope I get a good internet connection to write to you guys. Also, I really hope I get free time in the evening after my dad returns from office every day, in order to write the blog. I guess I will have to stay up nights to write it. Let's see what happens. (I guess I might sleep in a different room than my parents'.)

FIVE // Shooting Videos 
After Semester IV exams, our coordinator had called a meeting of students. That time he asked me to film videos that could help the BMM committee in short-films or projects. I have two cameras (along with the camera in my cellphone) so I will be able to shoot videos. I hope I get to shoot some amazing things in China.

SIX // Being Stylish
And again, ‘being stylish’ takes a good position in the list. Not that I am not stylish right now; I am, but in a different way. 

SEVEN // Shopping
China is full of fancy and cute stationary. Yes! I am excited to shop stationary than anything else! I am also going to buy some for my best friends who are as crazy as me when it comes to stationary. Apart from stationary, I'm looking forward to buy floral printed tops or basically, all the summery printed stuff, too.

EIGHT // Clicking Pictures
I am going to click loads of pictures to keep my followers excited about the trip. I have many things in my mind and I hope I execute them well.

NINE // Exploring
After my dad goes to office every day in China, I am sure my mom and I won't spend time just indoors cooking; but will go out in the park and enjoy, or go to a nearby shopping street or simply, EXPLORE.

TEN // Family Function
I have to attend a marriage of my aunt on this 10th. I hope I look good and mix up really well with all of the family members. I am super excited to wear my Anarkali.

How are you spending May?

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