Things to Consider while Filling any Form

by - May 08, 2014

Tomorrow is admission day for a very important academic year. While I was filling the admission form, I noted that there can be lot of mistakes while filling. So I jotted down few points and made a list immediately.

  1. Ink Colour | I have been a victim of this. Last to last year, while I was filling form for junior college, I used a blue ink, whereas it was written in the top to use ONLY black coloured ink pens. I literally felt so stupid. I went to college the other day, paid Rs. 100 for another form, and filled it with BLACK ink (I made sure it was black ink by again and again looking at it!). So next time you have to fill the form, just see whether they have mentioned anywhere to use a particular coloured ink.
  2. Capital Letters | You guys can yet again fool yourselves by writing in small letters instead of capital. In lot of forms, it is compulsory to fill in capital letters. 
  3. Read the Instructions | Before beginning the form, read all the possible information in the booklet or written at the top. This is the most important thing you have to do before even holding a pen in your hand.
  4. Don't Overwrite | See to it that the form looks tidy, and not shabby. Try not to overwrite. Think for an answer before you start writing. Remember; the space is too less to even write the correct answers spaciously. 
  5. Write True Information | Many times people fake the information. You don't do that. You don't want to get caught in the future for faking information.
  6. Good/Understandable Handwriting | I know that not everybody is blessed with good handwriting; that's exactly the reason why I have mentioned 'understandable'. This is the main reason why your name is wrongly printed on your Identity card. Please make sure you write neatly. Also, see to it that you mostly use a simple font, and not cursive one. 
  7. Reading the Points Carefully | Often the space is given for an office staff's signature, and you sign it there, mistakenly. So before writing the answers, read the questions properly.
  8. Leaving Blank Space | If you do not know answers to a particular point/question, just leave it blank. You can always ask the concerned staff regarding the same. If I am not sure of a particular question, I leave it blank. The next time when I go to college/bank/office, I ask fellow students or the office members.

Are you good in form-filling?

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