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by - May 09, 2014

I am lucky to have a best friend who is just like me. Today was my admission, so my college friends were obviously present there with me. I was nosily checking out files and folders of all my fellow classmates. That was when I saw my best friend's folder, and was utterly impressed by how nicely she had organized the papers inside it.

Often we have lots of photo copies of several documents, cards, and certificates. It is very tough to manage all these copies (especially if a super speedy fan is rotating on top of you). She has found an amazing way to organize the papers. I'm amused by this way. Really.

This is her folder. Though it isn't pretty, yet it is FORMAL. I'm sure formal folders rank higher than pretty ones.
The funny thing about this folder is that everyone might have seen one, but no one must have ever bothered to open and see how useful it is in actuality.
This folder is of around Rs. 600. As the pockets increase, the prize increases with it.

This is how it looks like after opening the zip of it. (Oh yes, it has a zip to hold your documents securely!) There are seven different aspects of this first 'page' of the folder.

  1. Long Closed Pocket // This pocket is closed with a Velcro. We can keep photos, passports, brochures, receipts, pamphlets, etc. in it. The folder that I use currently, desperately needs a pocket like this; because I have so many useless papers that I can't throw away, but also are 'useless', like I mentioned earlier. 
  2. Small Open Pocket // You can keep u-pins, rubber-bands, or other stationary that you'll need inside this pocket.
  3. Diary // There's an agenda hidden inside. The pages have monthly views on them. You can easily write and plan a next appointment by using this monthly viewed agenda-cum-diary.
  4. Name Card // Measure that pocket, cut a piece of paper of that size, write your name on it, decorate it and then slide it inside this pocket. Your boring black folder will turn into a personalized folder with a 'fun' touch. 
  5. Notes // This is a simple notebook. You can write down lists or notes on this little guy. Also, if you're at office, and they have asked you to attach a number of documents, you can always jot them down in this diary. So next time, during the big-day, you don't have to stress out remembering what documents were asked on the previous day.
  6. Pen Holder // Always keep a pen with you, especially if you're heading for an appointment or interview. This compartment lets you keep a pen inside it. I would suggest you to keep a pen inside it all the time.
  7. Hook // I don't know how others would use this hook; but I would use it for hanging a 'special' key-chain on it. 

Apart from this first page, there are other things inside this folder as well.

Frankly, as soon as I went home, I copied this idea from her. Instead of keeping the original documents along with the photo copies, I kept them inside these clear pockets. The best thing about these pockets are that they have holes to insert them inside the file. We can also keep more than one paper inside each pocket.

She has kept her original mark-sheets inside these pockets.

P.S. I was going to write further on how she organized her photo copies (which was more important than the folder organization), but I don't have much time. I have to attend a marriage in Pune tomorrow, so I have to pack my bag; also I am going tomorrow and coming back tomorrow. I need rest as well. And did I mention I have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning?
Stay glued at this page for a more important topic, which I'll try writing tomorrow. 

How does your folder look like?

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