Shanghai Wild Animal Park // Unique Animals

by - May 25, 2014

Yesterday the net speed was very slow. So I couldn't post all these photos. I'd thought it yesterday itself that I would post them separately today.

In this post, there aren't really unique animals/birds, but all those that most of the Indians mustn't have seen in their lives. I am not a photographer, so please don't judge the photos, instead look at the beauty of the animals/birds shot in the pictures.

There was a unique bird sitting near a leopard.

Ugly Ducklings (swans' little ones).

Black and white duck/swan.

Squirrel Monkey

Scarlet Ibis. What a beautiful colour!

Lesser Panda (I saw him in Barbie as the Island Princess two days back.)

Raccoon (There was just one raccoon there and it was sleeping inside its cave.)

Sun Bear; I didn't like its face.

Giant Anteater. What a weird shape it has! 

These ducks were sitting near the Chinese Alligators.

I loved the hair on its body.

Brown/Tufed Capuchin. (I guess the name Cappuccino was derived from it.)

Liger (A combination of tiger and lion.)

This garden was amazing. There was a large place, and there were beautiful birds flying there without cages. We were walking with them.

I don't know its name; but I know that it has a weird face, and a weird body.


The animal from the 'Chill Bro' meme.

Beautiful giant parrots.

I loved this park very much. If you're a photographer, you must visit this park. And also if you're visiting Shanghai, do visit this place. Highly recommended!

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