Uses of Boxes

by - April 13, 2014

I told you about the store-shelf cleaning, and also that I got few tips for organization. Here's another one, apart from the yesterday's tip about zip locks and sheet protectors.

I'm sure you all must have the boxes that come along with mobiles, or other products. We don't throw them away as soon as we buy the stuff, but we do keep them. Sometimes the boxes are empty, and sometimes they are wrongfully used. Either ways, I have few uses of the boxes which might give you some ideas too.

I had around twenty boxes, of which about ten were empty. So I thought of using them in different ways.

These are some of the empty boxes which I kept separately.


ONE // To Store Extra Stationary Supplies
You know every little detail of this box, because I had specially written a post on it. You might not have so much of stationary, but would definitely have an old box of poster colours, sketch-pens, empty pens or rulers; you can keep them inside the box. 

TWO // To Store CDs
I knew I had more CDs than the ones I showed you in an earlier post, but just couldn't find them then. If you're lacking space for storing your CDs, then you can use one of such boxes.

THREE // To Store Your Favourite Childhood Collection
I don't know if you were a Pokémon fan or not, but if you were/are, you can store the tazos, trump and diamond cards in a box. You can also store (fake) jewellery, earrings or necklaces.

FOUR // To Store Your Gifts or Inspirational Stuff
I've kept the HIGHLIGHTERS' box and the little letter I received as a token of appreciation, from Kores, in this box. I've also written the date of receipt on it. I've inherited the habit of writing dates (or similar information) from my grandfather (and I know I've mentioned it already, but I cannot keep myself from writing his name again and again, because I love him so much!)
If I (hopefully) get such gifts or souvenirs for the blog in future, I will keep them in this box.

FIVE // To Store Elastics, U-Pins or other Little Stationary
Sometimes you have so many little things lying here and there, and you don't know what to do with them. You sometimes don't even have a little box to store them. So you can definitely use a comparatively smaller box, and keep all the little stationary items together.

SIX // To Store Carrom Coins
I don't play carrom as much as I used to (and as crazily as I used to). I'd kept these coins in a different pouch, but yesterday I shifted them to this box.

SEVEN // To Safeguard Souvenirs 
This was the first real cricket match I watched at the stadium. It was a India vs. England test match. Of course it was very special (though India lost badly to the English men). I've kept the tickets and the
'I Love My India' head-banner in this box.

Do you know any other use of cardboard boxes?

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