DIY Pen Drive Charm

by - June 10, 2017

Long time back, I had shared a picture of my classmate's pen drive charm. We were all happy to learn the trick of using charms. It was simple and clever. The size of the pen drives is so small that the chances of it losing are too high. A good option is to attach something personal to it so that it doesn't lose plus you can easily tell which is your pen drive by just looking at the charm.

This was my dad's office pen drive and I had to carry it to college for my dissertation work. Last time when I'd used it, I'd forgotten it at the photocopy shop, but thankfully got it back. I didn't want anything of that sort to happen again, so I had to do some trick.

I thought of making a charm and I'll share the simple procedure with you.

  • Pen Drive
  • U Pin
  • Lace/Ribbon

  1. Put the u-pin through the hole of the pen drive.
  2. Pass a lace/ribbon through the u-pin and tie it at the end.
  3. Tada! Your cute DIY pen drive charm is ready!

Do you use any pen drive charm?

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