Indian Wedding Makeup Tutorial

by - June 05, 2017

This makeup look was changed from the morning's makeup look on my cousin's wedding day. So, whatever I had done for the morning's makeup look will remain the same. I used a couple of makeup removing wipes on my eye lids and lips. The rest of the look remained the same. All those marked with a star are steps from the morning's makeup look. Check the look and its tutorial here.

- Before starting, I applied Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm to moisturizer my lips.

- Without any moisturizer or a primer, I went directly to my foundation by Max Factor. I spread it using my fingertips under my eyes, on the eyelids, cheeks, and wherever I saw there was a need. Whenever I apply any face product, I never apply it on my whole face; it is always in little amounts, wherever there are marks.

- After wiping off morning's eye makeup, I used Givenchy's eyeshadow palette. I started off with applying the dark blue-black shade on the outer corners of my eyes. Later, I took the golden shade and applied it from the centre towards the inner corners.
- For the eyeliner, I used my favourite MAC gold eyeliner on the golden side of my eyes.
- To finish the black side, I used Streetwear kohl, and drew a thick line.
- I lightly dabbed the golden eyeliner (when it was wet) so that it blends with the shade of eyeshadow.

- I have an eyebrow pencil, which is from a local beauty shop. I drew it on my brows, thus being careful of not over drawing it.
- To finish off my eyebrows, I applied Bobbi Brown's eyebrow gel with a thin, angular brush.

- I applied light pink blush on the apple of my cheeks from Focallure's highlighting palette (I'll write a review on this soon) using a fat blush brush.
- From the same palette, I applied highlighter using a foundation brush on the cheekbones and nose.

- After wiping morning's lipstick, I used Focallure nude lipstick on my lips.

- I retouched the marks and spots using Max Factor foundation.
- I put a final seal and puffed Maybelline compact powder.


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