Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Focallure '05 Jubilee' Matte Lipstick | Review, Swatches, Look

I wanted a good nude lipstick, that wasn't super matte and dry. I thought that the regular twist-up-to-apply lipstick would be perfect for this. Focallure's lipsticks have been wonderful. Read review for this, the second nude lipstick I own:

The lipstick comes in a black box. It is your typical lipstick where you twist the bottom to pop the lipstick up. The packaging is attractive and resembles to the MAC matte lipsticks.
The application is smooth and pigmented. However, if you have flaky/dry lips, then I recommend putting on some lip balm some ten minutes before the application. The lasting power is surprisingly good. If you apply it before lunch, you might still find it on your lips. The good thing about Focallure matte lipsticks are that they smoothly fade away; they don't leave behind ugly, embarrassing patches.
The colour in the description was light peach, but when the lipstick arrived, it was light pink; there were no traces of orange/peach at all. But anyway, I did like the colour. As the colour is very light, the original colour of lips is seen. So you need to apply more coats. You get a pair of sexy nude lips, which you'll love!
Whenever you're going with nude lips, always remember to go with a dark eye makeup and some good pigmented blush on cheeks. If you're gonna click selfies, I highly recommend the blush, because you might look like you haven't done any makeup at all. For my cousin's wedding, I had applied a lighter, less pigmented blush and I looked sick in photos!
- Inexpensive
- Pigmented
- Light pink colour
- Travel friendly
- Availability could be an issue
- Need to apply balm before application
- Need more coats
I loved the colour. Though I cannot sport it randomly, because the colour doesn't work well with any sort of eye makeup. You need to be mentally prepared while applying this, or you might look like an ill person. But for a sultry look, it's a great product!
SHADE: 05 Jubilee
Which is your favourite nude lipstick?