A Simple Trick for Carrying Toiletries on Trips

by - June 28, 2017


If you're someone who buys travel size toiletries while packing, then it's about time you switched to this trick. I used to buy those mini versions of toiletries, and then after coming back from the trip (or sometimes, before even coming back), used to lose them; they used to mysteriously disappear. I learnt this trick from a best friend a year back, but followed it this time when I was going camping.

You'll need three things and in three steps, you would be having your own kit of travel size toiletries.

  • Little plastic containers
  • Marker pen
  • Sturdy zip lock pouch (optional)
  1. Pour in toiletries in different containers
  2. With a marker, label them
  3. Lastly, put them in a sturdy zip lock pouch to avoid leakage, especially needed with products like face wash
Once the containers are empty, you just have to refill instead of putting in more money to buy stuff. My best friend had done this, and I am proud to call her a best friend ever since!

How do you carry toiletries?

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