Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub Review

by - June 29, 2017

This is by far the best scrub I've used. I'm fortunate to have come across this brand and this scrub, in particular. I'm using it regularly in mornings, and have never felt so good. Read its in-depth review further.

The packaging is something that would give you serious-scrub vibes, which is a good thing. The aesthetic value is prominent. The bottle is of plastic and the lid is plastic too. It does not spill, and is travel friendly. Also, I had placed the product in bathroom, while using it with my wet hands. In spite of this, I found the insides still dry and they hadn't turned damp.
The application is little troublesome as the product is powdery and does not include liquid or semi liquid ingredients in it. So you have to take some product on your palms and then use it. It's not too much of a task, but as it's a review, I must try to do proper justice.
After brushing teeth in morning, I wet my face and on my palms, take coin-size product. I put a couple of water drops on it, and then make a paste on my palms. I take little amounts of it and scrub on needful areas like near my nose, chin, forehead, etc. Then, I rub my palms together and scrub my entire face using the leftover product. I later rinse it off.

You get a nice, soft feel. While scrubbing, you can smell something like castor and gram flour, and it lifts your mood. The product does not remove blackheads, but does a decent job in removing whiteheads. It is a mild scrub and so can be used daily. After you rinse your face off, you'll feel pampered, I assure you.

- Inexpensive
- Available online
- Can be used daily
- Mild fragrance
- Mild scrubbing
- Travel friendly packaging
- 100% natural

- Not an intense scrub

Definitely. I've already recommended it to my friends and have shown them my face right after using it. I will definitely buy it as its mild, natural, and inexpensive.

For daily, mild scrubbing, you should definitely buy this!

WEIGHT: 110 g
PRICE: Rs. 185

Which is your go-to skin polishing scrub?

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