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by - June 06, 2017

The title might make you feel that it's a sponsored post, but it is not. I've been using this particular Period Tracker app since 2015, and have never deleted ever since. Even if I change phone, I download it and then restore the backup. It tracks my due dates surprisingly well.

The circled icon is the icon of Period Tracker app. I know there are dozens of period tracking apps out there, but this is the one I use. So if you are new to this whole period tracking thing and are confused which app to download among the dozens available, I would say, go for this one. It'll be a nice tutorial for you girls.
This app is available for Android as well as iOS phones.

The best thing about this app is that it enables password protection. All your intimate details are protected. You can add protection using Settings > Security > Passcode.

After you put in the passcode, this is the first screen you get. You can easily tap on the pink button to say "period started". I had already done that, so here on the screen you can see "period ended!". With just one button you can either enter your period's starting date or ending date.
You can even see how in big letters it is written "Period Day 1". Here, if you're late by eight days, the letters will say, "8 Days Late". And if 8 days are left for your period to start, it'll say "8 Days Left".

This calendar gives you an overview of the entire month.

If you want to keep a track of your intimate activities, then there's an option in this app. Just select the date you indulged in sexual activities and add a note. Just select "Intimate Today" in the options and then if it was protected or unprotected. 
A cute little red heart becomes visible on that date and in the notes section you can easily tell if it was protected or unprotected. 

You can also see the fertility (indicated by green circles) and ovulation (indicated by a flower) on your calendar. Everything from the due dates to fertility is calculated either automatically (depending on the older data of your period) or can be set manually. 

In Settings > General, one can set the "Period Length", "Cycle Length", and "Ovulation". Your next period will be calculated accordingly.

There's also a feature where you can keep a track of the pills you consume. So the "Pain Relief" is the one I actually consume when in severe pain, so I've added that in the list of pills. You can also see I've added "I" there in the list. I've done that to show you guys we can add multiple pills like that. 
By this feature, you exactly know the frequency of the tablets' consumption. (By the way, the "I" stands for iPill; it's a contraceptive pill commonly adverted in India. I'm sorry but I haven't come across any other name hence had to use this one for example!)

This is my favourite feature of the app and probably why I started using this app over other apps. You can select symptoms and moods for each day and just look at how cute the graphics are!

Finally, there's this "Pregnancy Mode" too. Obviously I haven't used it yet. I haven't even tried it out of curiosity because I don't want to lose any kind of data! If you're pregnant, this mode will help you track your delivery date! How very nice!

So that's it. This was my tutorial on how I stay organized using the Period Tracker app. It's free and fun to use. Let me know in the comments below which app you use to track your period.


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