How to Edit, Store, and Upload Pictures on Instagram

by - June 08, 2017

I wanted to give out my steps for uploading pictures on Instagram. You think it's a piece of cake, but bloggers go through many steps before uploading. I'll share my process and if you're a budding blogger, it might help you.

I had written a long post yesterday on the sources from which you can collect pictures. As soon as you come across an upload-worthy picture, save it in a new folder.

You need to have theme on your Instagram account for aesthetics. The theme can either involve using a particular colour in every picture or simply using a particular filter/effect on all the photos. My account follows the latter type of theme. I use only one filter. A good filter can enhance a dull picture to a good, classy picture.

Crop your images in square so that you know exactly how it would look like. In case you don't find a picture good after cropping, just dismiss the picture. If a picture does not fit in the square frame, be creative. Either keep the top half of your picture or the bottom half. You can also tilt picture and make it look abstract.

This step is the sole reason for writing today's post. Where do you store so many pictures? Isn't transferring pictures from laptop to cellphone a tedious task? Yes, it is. The best way is to upload pictures on Google Drive (or any other cloud storage you must be using). Create a new folder on drive, and upload all the edited pictures in it. Whenever you want to upload a picture on Instagram, go through all the pictures on your Drive app. It's like a catalogue!

Choose a picture that would suit other pictures on your Instagram account. Upload a picture without caption, see if it suits, delete immediately. According to whether it suits or not, use the picture. If it doesn't suit, go through you Drive catalogue again!

Next, draft a nice, heartfelt caption. If your captions are going to be dull like "How's your day going?" or "Throwback to this trip to Malaysia", then it's not gonna be cherished by your followers. Therefore, beforehand, whenever you're free, draft the caption and save on notes.

There are various apps on mobile stores that help in generating hashtags. Choose the best app and gather related hashtags. Instagram allows you to add 30 maximum, so don't go beyond. 

Research on the time when people are most active and upload pictures accordingly. Try to upload one picture minimum per day.

What's your procedure for uploading pictures on Instagram?

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