One Year of Column Writing

by - June 25, 2017

I'm elated to announce that I have completed a year of column writing this June. I started in June 2016 and have successfully written twelve columns over the past one year. 

Shrutika, my best friend's friend's friend, had messaged me asking if I was interested in fashion writing. I had responded positively, on which, she had passed a contact number. I called on that number, and I was asked to forward my resume via email. After that, I was called for an interview, which was more like a discussion. It was for Know Your Town magazine.

Initially, they had a weekly newspaper, which they converted to a monthly magazine since June 2016. They only covered the city of Thane originally, but later expanded to cities like Nasik, Pune, Kolhapur, and Mumbai. This change happened since past few months, and I was joyous as my articles now reached to four more cities. I welcomed that change with open arms.

Also, earlier I covered shops in Thane. I know this city very well, and so it was not a problem roaming around and giving some fashion tips to my readers along. After that, since past couple of issues, they asked me to cover brands as a whole, because the magazine was circulated not just in Thane anymore, but in other cities as well. The first brand I covered was Biba, following which, I covered Sarvaangi. It was a nice experience to write about brands. I am honestly someone who cannot fangirl over anything, so writing good about someone/something is not my thing. But, I would say, I had a decent experience.

I am just overjoyed and proud of myself to have written and published twelve one-page columns. It's something I boast, and its addition to not only my professional resume but my life's resume is huge and would be influential; it would also open new doors of opportunities for me.

Here's to publishing more articles...

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