Vedantika Herbals Lemongrass Face Wash Review

by - June 23, 2017

I had emailed Vedantika Herbals saying how much I adore their products as they're all natural. They sent me two products, Lemongrass Face Wash and Skin Polishing Scrub, and I loved both. Without any further due, let's jump into the review of this aromatic face wash.

I'm impressed by the packaging. I am a fan of pump dispensers, and this product has one. Pump dispenser uplifts the class of the product. The lemon yellow colour of the wash looks refreshing and in all, the packaging is too good to ignore . The bottle is of plastic, which makes it compatible for travelling.

As the bottle has a pump dispenser, the application becomes easy. You just have to wet face, dispense a little product on your palm, make a foam, and apply.

As the face wash is lemongrass and gel-based, it removes oil and makes your skin smooth. However, you might feel your skin stretch because it sucks out the moisture along with the oil. Even on the bottle, under the directions to use, they have mentioned about applying moisturiser after the wash. Though the product makes your skin tight and dry, the face becomes smoother, which is quite rare for a gel-based face wash. This is a good quality, as it not only removes oil efficiently but also makes skin smooth. The fragrance, no doubt, is mind blowing and will energise you after a tiring day.

 - All natural
- Not too expensive
- Available online easily
- Amazing fragrance
- Removes oil
- Makes skin smooth
- Easy application
- Travel friendly

- Skin feels stretched
- Not good in winters

If you're looking for a good gel-based face wash for summers and monsoon, you should give this a try! It won't disappoint you.

WEIGHT: 100 ml
VARIANT: Lemongrass
PRICE: Rs. 185

Have you tried a lemongrass face wash before?

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