Trick to Remember Dates and Full Forms

by - November 21, 2016

I have used this trick before too. Some subjects have so many full forms and dates to remember, that for someone like me, who sucks at memorising anything, things become difficult. I had tried this last semester for Media Laws subject as well, when we had to remember the dates of lot of acts. I suck at dates. For this semester, I simply did not even attempt to remember them, except for this subject.

I'll quickly share a picture of how I had done it and then will narrate what all things you can memorise by this method.

You have to write all the things you want to remember on big sticky notes and then stick them on the back side of the front cover. When you just have five minutes to keep your books aside before exam, you can quickly glance through this 'glossary' and you'll remember everything, I promise. 
You can make this glossary while revising, as that's exactly when you realise how many things you have to remember in totality!

You can use this method for remembering:
  • The names of the theorists. ('Theory Name' - 'Theorist(s)')
  • Dates of acts/events. ('Act/Event' - 'Date')
  • Short forms you create to remember something. ('Short Form' - 'Short Form for which Question')
  • Abbreviations. ('Short Form' - 'Full Form')
  • Confusing definitions. ('X' - 'Meaning of X'; 'Y' - 'Meaning of Y')
  • Other terms - ('Term' - 'Meaning of the term')

I hope this trick helps you too.

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