Fun Colour Combinations for Taking Notes

by - November 14, 2016

It often happens that we have different coloured highlighters and pens, but we don't know which combination would work well. For some of you, colour harmony does not matter, but for others like me, who have love for aesthetics, colours do matter. 

I used to randomly pick colours and start taking notes, but ever since I had put more efforts in picking the right colours, I got three pairs of colour combinations. I had even posted these on Snapchat, and I'd received a great response. So, what are these combos for effectively and aesthetically taking notes?


Orange highlighter + Purple pen

Pink highlighter + Green pen

Yellow highlighter + Pink pen

I purposely use different colour combinations while studying, so that if I am bored of studying, just changing the combination helps. I had written a post about how to stay motivated while studying, and that post had got repinned on Pinterest 39,000 times. I had mentioned 'changing pens' in that post.

I still use this trick. As soon as I'm bored of studying, I switch to a different combination, and continue studying. This way, my notes don't include only one colour, but multiple colours. Studying definitely becomes fun and you don't take those silly breaks.

Do you follow a particular pattern while taking notes?

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