November 2016 Favourites

by - November 30, 2016

I left today in the morning for Mumbai. The stay at my Pune House was pleasant and something I always look forward to. I met many relatives and it was pretty refreshing. I also added two peacock blue cushions to the sofa, a lovely flower vase, and a beautiful frame to the house. I love interiors and decorating them is one of my hobbies, you can say. The best thing about my stay was obviously the weather. I love winters and Pune is one of the cities you must visit in winter as the atmosphere is perfectly cold and pleasant.

The third semester's exam was the last of my life. Though I feel bittersweet about it, I cannot deny that the happiness of not giving another exam is beyond words. I feel like an adult, and glad to bid goodbye to studies, finally.

I always cherish being with my cousin. She was over for the weekend, and we did what we do best--watch rom-coms, gossip, roam around, hog on pizzas, and finally watch the A Cinderella Story yet again. We have probably watched it together for five times at least. It's our all-time favourite. We had been to the FC Road to shop, but the crowd was maddening as it was a Saturday. We concluded the FC Road shopping, which eventually turned out to be FC Road window-shopping, to the Kothrud's Papa John's. This pizza restaurant is my uncle's favourite and I simply don't know why. We had the one-on-one-free medium pizza(s) and Parmesan bread sticks, along with 7 Up to sip. I neither liked the sticks nor the Fajita-something pizza. I liked the Farm Fresh pizza, though.

My best friend Pournami is the first amongst any of my friends to get engaged (and married). She exchanged the rings on 13th November and her wedding is next year by the end of January. I couldn't attend her engagement ceremony as it was in Bangalore and I had my finals on, but I'm definitely going for her wedding!

I am glad to introduce new blog graphic design. If you have observed, I am keeping the fonts constant in each graphic and I am also adding the logo and website name along with it. I am loving this change as it looks classy and professional. I have also made other changes in the overall blog layout, which I'm in love with. 

I am done with seasons 4 and 5 and desperately want to watch the next season. In Pune, the internet speed was slow and so watching online was a bit difficult. I'm happy to be in Mumbai finally, as now I can watch the remaining seasons.

What were your November favourites?

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