Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Fierce N Tangy | Review

by - November 22, 2016

I was looking for a transparent, good looking, good fragrant lip balm. I searched and had settled on any transparent Baby Lips variant. I wanted a Mango Pie or some berry fragrant one, but those were out of stock I think. Hence, I had to settle on this one. (However, I wish I could have gotten the Mango Pie variant, which is a cute pink and yellow coloured lip balm.)

Anyway, here's my take on the Electro Pop range's Fierce N Tangy lip balm:

Packaging is good, however, black and yellow has never been my favourite combination. Nevertheless, I think the combination should be okay as owning pink or pastel shades can sometimes be over-the-board. For someone who likes this combination, packaging will not be an issue.
The lip balm is in yellow colour and you have to rotate the bottom to bring it up.

Application is smooth as the product is easy to use. The balm definitely glides on to lips.

It does moisturise. You might also get smoother lips the next day.

The balm is transparent and that's the only reason why I bought it. You might see a 2% yellow tint on your lips, which doesn't look that pleasing. You will need to dab a little lipstick to get a set of coloured, moisturised puckers. However, the product does smoothen your lips.

- Inexpensive
- Transparent
- Lemon fragrance
- Smooth lips

- Availability could be an issue
- Yellow and black not really preferred by most women
- Yellow tint might be worrisome

The smell's good, the price is decent. However, you should try for some other transparent lip balm that would have more moisturising power.

I will not buy this, instead I would go for other transparent variants of Maybelline.

WEIGHT: 3.5 g
SHADE: Fierce N Tangy (Lemon fragrance)
PRICE: ₹135
FROM: Local Beauty Store

Which is your go-to lip balm?

P.S. I could not upload more pictures as my network is fluctuating here in Pune. In case you need more pictures, comment below. I'll mail them to you or upload them here once the network is stable.

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