Colorbar Zoom & Whoosh Mascara Black Sin Review

by - November 07, 2016

I don't have thick, voluminous lashes and so I needed a mascara that would do the trick. I'm glad I got my hands on this one. I thought that it had recently launched, but in actuality, when I showed it to my best friend, she told me she had it three years ago. I think it was launched in 2013. (I'm always late to review, but I don't care as these are recommendations to my readers.)

So how is the mascara? Does it do what it claims? Read on to know.

The packaging is cute, but it appears to be a fuchsia pink lipstick more than a mascara. I have no clue why there's pink on the cap. They could have settled with a common colour, I daresay. But, but, only you and me know it's a mascara. Otherwise, it pulls off as a really stylish makeup product. 

Thick wand - To Add Volume

Thin wand - To Add Length

A super surprising feature of this mascara is that it has two wands. Wait, what? Yes, you heard it right. One is a thin wand and the other is a thick one. As you might have already guessed, the thinner one brings lesser volume than the thicker one; it's meant for lengthening your lashes (and it does lengthen them). You can use the thinner one for the lower lashes as well. The application could get tedious, especially while using the thick wand. The thicker wand is for adding volume. The formula is a bit chunky and so you need to be careful while glamorising your lashes as the product brings in clumps too.

The look? Oh well, you feel like you've stuck fake lashes. The volume might not be as much as the fake lashes, but the volume is too good to ignore. You're gonna love it.

The mascara goes on and on. You have to take it off using a cleansing milk (or coconut oil).

- Great, voluminous lashes
- Two-in-one mascara

- Expensive
- Clumps are seen on lashes
- Drying, thick formula
- Availability could be an issue

If price is not the issue, buy it. I had already recommended it to my friend, and she did buy it.

PRICE: Rs.650
SHADE: 001 Black Sin
FROM: Colorbar kiosks 

Which mascara do you use to add in some drama to your lashes?

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