What I'm Carrying | Pune, November 2016

by - November 20, 2016

I'm leaving for Pune today and as always, I have packed a perfect bag, ensuring I have carried it all. Though I'm staying at my place and not at a resort or a cousin's place, I have tried carrying all the essentials. In case I miss on something, I can always buy from the stores near my house.

As it's winter, I have carried winter essentials. Along with these toiletries and makeup, I've packed three full sleeved casual tops and one casual oversized sweater for protecting me against the sharp Pune weather.

(In order to buy these products, just click on the individual product's name!)

This is my sister's pouch. She had an extra one so she gave it to me. I loved the sparkles on it. The pouch's so huge that it perfectly accommodates all the stuff.

This is one of my favourite moisturisers and I purchased it purposely again because I loved it. I had enquired in two drugstores but at both the stores, the lotion was out of stock. I waited until it was back in stock.
If I'm going to Pune in winter, a moisturiser is a must. Because Pune's winters are so dry, that you'll cry for some moisture.

I thought of carrying minimal makeup. To pop my eyes out, I packed this light mascara by Maybelline.

Again, due to the dry weather, I need some moisture on my hair too. I packed this serum as I've been using it since God knows when.

This palette has golden, metallic grey, and two more party shades. I thought, if I'm going out for dinner, I might use some magic on my eyelids.

I don't step outside without this. This is my go-to concealer (though the tub says it's a foundation). It's the best thing to conceal my spots and I've already written a super positive review on the same.

I thought of picking up a fuchsia pink lipstick to bring in the feminine yet wild side, if needed. This shade is one of my favourites.

And then, if I want a glossy red for dinner, I've packed it too. You never know when one would need a dash of red.

What's a trip without kajal? I definitely had to pack mine!

I was using my dad's deodorant but since we were going there, I thought of carrying my perfume instead of the deodorant. This fragrance is a lot like winter and I love it.

I recently purchased this one. I wanted transparent, good-fragrant lip balm. I'm glad I got it. Though, a better colour combo would have been better.

Finally, to add volume to my fine hair, this one was needed. This brush does not fit perfectly into the pouch, but I've made lot of efforts to stash it in.

What can one see in your vanity pouch on a trip?

P.S. You can be in touch with me throughout my Pune stay via Snapchat; my handle is @dprettycitygirl. You'll get a glimpse of my house along with other fun things I do there.

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