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by - November 11, 2016

I wanted a coloured eyeliner since long. I was bored of the usual matte and glossy black. I took three coloured liners--emerald green, peacock blue, and golden. For my type of eyes, which are hooded, I was never interested in eye makeup. It was obvious. No matter what magic I create on my lids, it was not going to be visible, unless and until I awkwardly lift my head and droop my eyes down.
But of late, I've been keen on trying eye makeup and have been successful at it too. Hence I bought this one. In case you've never tried it on, here's my review:

The eyeliner comes in a pencil-like shape. There's a lid that comes along too. The colour is emerald green and the name is embossed in gold. The pencil looks comparatively more elegant from faraway than it does after bringing it closer.
The sharpener, which comes with the pencil, has Revlon written in gold. It does not look appealing if brought closer. The sharpener has a cheap plastic.

Single coat

The pencil glides on application. It has a bit shimmer, and is complete matte. You might find it a bit glossy, but that's just the little particles of glitter. It lasts for quite long, you can say, one whole day. However, if you rub your eyes, the product might fade a bit. But I can definitely assert that it does not spread (or smudge, in that sense).
The sharpener? It's a useless piece of plastic. The pencil does not get sharpened at all. I have used the pencil just thrice and so I have not felt the need to sharpen it, but while I was clicking pictures for this review, I'd tried it on, and it didn't work. I am worried what I'm gonna do once the tip of the liner is no longer a tip and just a blunt stick.

Superb. It looks superb. Perfect green, closer to peacock blue. The shimmer just adds in and makes the product look even better. Eyes are brought out and you'll love the look. I think if you apply two coats, the liner will look more stunning.

- Matte
- Has shimmer
- Smooth application
- Posh packaging
- Comes with a sharpener

- Sharpener does not work
- Pricey
- The golden embossing could have been classier
- The shade might appear lighter if not applied with pressure

- If price is not the issue, I don't see why you wouldn't wanna buy it. (Negative points for the bad sharpener, though.)

WEIGHT: 1.2 g
PRICE: Rs. 675
SHADE: Glazed Green

Which coloured eyeliner is your favourite?

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