Time Management While Writing Exam

by - November 10, 2016

I thought of writing on this since I've come across so many students who ineffectively manage time while writing exam. My very own best friend is victimized because of her writing speed. I am not sure if it's the writing speed only that affects paper staying incomplete. There are a couple of factors more like quick-thinking and managing time to finish your exam before time. 
I see many students cribbing about how the supervisor didn't let them write the "last three words" too. Well, that's what my best friend said just yesterday, when the supervisor snatched her paper. (This seems ridiculously funny as I type and I have no clue why it does!)

time management tips for exams

Improving your writing speed could not be done overnight, so just excuse this for now. Also, quick-thinking depends on your IQ level, hence I cannot really comment on how to improve it. What leaves is managing time efficiently to complete your paper. 

I'm gonna share with you my trick, as till date, I have completed 99.9% of my papers before time or, just in time. So here we go:

This trick is more for the theoretical papers because I've not had a maths-kind-of a paper since long. What I do is, I dedicate 30 minutes (to 35 minutes) of time for a 15-mark answer. And, I dedicate 15 minutes for a 9-mark answer. We have one 15-mark answer to write and 5 9-mark answers along with it. The time is 2 hours.

As soon as I get the question paper, I quickly glance through it. My reaction usually is "What the hell?" I start writing the first answer, which is of 15 marks. I keep a check on time and don't spend more than a minute on thinking. I think and write simultaneously. I usually write under stress since the very first word. Once I'm done with writing four pages, I check the time and if it's 30 minutes already, I think of a way to wind up the answer. I either leave it as it is and move on to next, or wind it up.

I start writing remaining five 9-mark answers and make sure I give only 15 minutes to each. By following this method, even if I take 10 extra minutes, I have 5 minutes in my hand to quickly check the paper and do the wind-up chores. 

I really think you should keep these things in mind in order to finish writing the paper on time. 

What's your trick?

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