Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Soft Touch | Review, Swatch

by - November 29, 2016

I am such a picky person when it comes to fragrant products. I had got this one last winter and had absolutely loved it. This time I made sure I buy it again, as everything seemed to be perfect about it.

There are three variants in this--Soft Touch (the one I'm reviewing), Deep Nourish (lavender coloured), and Butter Smooth (brown coloured). Read further to know my review on the Soft Touch body lotion:

The packaging is cute and the shape of the bottle is that of a woman's shape. My mom and I call it as 'lady' when referring to the lotion. For example, I say, "Mom, get me the lady!"
This one's an adorable light teal. The bottle is in plastic and as it is only 100 ml, carrying it around is no fuss.

You have to squeeze the bottle to take the lotion on your hands. The application is easy until the bottle is about to finish. But as it's a moisturiser, the last few days of the bottle are comparatively easier than other dry products.
The fragrance is light and good for the sensitive noses out there. The fragrance is powder-like and bends towards jasmine flower. The fragrance is not exactly like jasmine, but after putting much thought to the fragrance, you can slightly relate it to the jasmine (but a super mild jasmine fragrance).

If you live in Mumbai or any such place where the temperature does not drop that down, then I recommend this. It's for those skin types that do not become too dry. The moisturising power is perfect and you won't feel oily or sticky. Something just right for such skin types. The moisture content on your body (and face) remains perfect and you'll get radiance throughout.
Do not, however, expect any bright glow or rosy cheeks or anything dreamy. The fragrance is dreamy but the lotion will just fight the dryness and not bring in pinks.
In short, it is meant for the ordinary dry skin--the skin that is normal all round the year, but only dries in winters.

After showers or mostly when my skin feels stretched out and dry, I take a coin-size amount for both of my arms. I concentrate more on the elbows and hands. For legs, sometimes I apply it on my feet and heels, especially. For face, I take a pea-size amount. I don't apply to my entire face unless needed. My face has natural oil and so I don't need much moisturising. I had read somewhere that applying on neck is highly important, so I do that too.

- Inexpensive
- Light, pleasant fragrance
- Perfect moisturising for ordinary dry skin
- Available at any medical store
- Travel friendly

- No rosy glow

If you're looking for a lotion that would bring the perfect moisture on your body, has light fragrance, and is inexpensive, this should be it.

Yes, I would.

WEIGHT: 100 ml
VARIANT: Soft Touch (for Dry Skin)
PRICE: ₹60
FROM: Local medical store

Which body lotion are you currently using?

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