A Look Inside My Notes

by - November 26, 2016

I just thought of sharing here more and more stuff related to studies since I won't be having any exam henceforth and I want to give you all as much as I can. I'm sharing a look inside my notes, subject-wise.


I had printed these notes in grayscale and so it was difficult for me to understand the colours. For this answer, we needed the colour wheel and since the notes were in gray, I thought of taking coloured prints. I reduced the sizes of the wheels to perfectly place them beneath the answer.

I was studying this answer in my office. While studying, I came across Radial design and there was no diagram to explain it. So I googled and found it. For future reference, I took prints of three radial type designs. When I studied for my finals, these diagrams came in handy and saved lot of time.

This is just a random diagram I drew to understand the concept better. As you can see, I have not used pencils and rulers. I thought that it would take up lot of time. So I just used a different inked pen and I was easily able to stand the diagram out from the other text. This is one tip; instead of using pencils and waste time, use a different coloured pen.


I have already shared my tip on this one.

This is a distinguish between eastern and western philosophies. I stuck sticky notes above as I had some extra points for the same. You can see, I have not used pencil and ruler for dividing the page, but have just folded the paper into two to give me two distinct spaces.

This is just one of my favourite pages. Pink and yellow combination...splendid! (Check out more colour combos here.)

I was not getting the basic difference between a capitalist and socialist economy. So I googled for a clear difference and then printed it. I stuck it near my answer that involved these two economies.


On the printed notes, I just used the empty spaces to write definitions, explanations, points, and short cuts. I was not in need of a different notebook for this subject as I wrote everything right on these printed pages.

Yet another example of using up space for writing extra stuff.


This way is easy to understand flowcharts. I haven't used ruler or pencil. But have given enough space to clearly understand what's going on. Avoid mess while drawing flowcharts.

I have stuck a sticky note to add in more information to the already existing answer.

One more example of the flowchart. I drew it to explain things better.

How do your notes look like? Something similar?

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