How to Organize Notes

by - November 18, 2016

This is one of the last posts related to study. My second last semester is done, which was the last semester to appear for exams. The next semester we will only have thesis submission and so we won't be having exams. I feel sad that I won't be writing more of study-related posts for you guys. I have tried my best to make as many posts as possible, so that I share more and more of my study tips with you all.

This semester, I had a super-organized way of organizing notes. I'll tell you how I did it.


  • Folders x (the number of subjects you have)
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pen
  • Shoe Box

1. Put in all the notes, question papers, college notes, syllabus of every subject separately in the folders.

2. On sticky notes, write the name of each subject. Stick the notes on respective folders.

3. Put the folders inside a cute shoe box.

This method is so neat that you won't be making any mess while studying. Just pick out the correct folder and you'll be mess-free. 

How do you organize notes? 

PS I'll be sharing a look inside my notes soon, so stay here.

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