November 2016 Goal + My Study Schedule

by - November 03, 2016

My goal for November is only one--Studying for finals. I have four subjects and my exam is from 7th to 16th November. As half of the November is gone in giving exams and studying, my brain would not think of any other goal. Sure, I have some fun in mind, like finish reading The God Of Small Things, finishing Friends series (I'm done with three seasons yet), and just chilling.
But for now, nothing but studies.

I have made a game plan for the same, and this calendar will help me to explain it to you guys better.

As you see in the above calendar, I have my exam on the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 16th. I will study for the exam of 9th, today (I did study today). Tomorrow, I have to study for the exam that is on 11th.
Then for the first paper, which is on 7th, I will start studying from the 5th. So, I get two days to study for that exam, and whatever I've studied will be fresh in my mind.
And as for the exam on 16th, I have so many days in between, that I'm not gonna touch that subject right now. (I hope this is a wise decision though.)

I am glad that I could tick off today's date by finishing what I'd assigned. I hope I finish tomorrow's written-down syllabus too.

What are you goals for November?

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