October 2016 Favourites

by - October 31, 2016

I swear, I didn't realise when and how October passed by. Today is 31st and I feel like it was just few days ago that I was writing September Favourites. Days are passing in an insane speed, I tell you.

I need to go back to posts and pictures from this month in order to know what all happened. Honestly, I don't remember anything, except few things.

This year's Diwali didn't feel like Diwali at all. Of course, there were lights and the good vibes, but I didn't experience ecstasy. May be because every year I'm with my cousins, and this time it was just me, my elder brother, mom, and dad. Diwali is supposed to be my happy-time. But I'm dreading exams and figuring out why am I not fully happy.

I purchased lot of makeup and creating different looks (especially with eye shadow palettes and colourful eyeliners) felt amazing.

I'm feeling relieved, at this very moment, that my internship is ending on 3rd of November. I just wanna be free and I can't wait for my exams to start and get over. I wanna free myself and just get back on track.

What are your favourites from this month?

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