Tensed Up

by - October 05, 2016

The stressful time is here. I just realised that only one month is left until my finals begin. This time, well for the first time, we have a day's break in between two papers. And our fourth and last paper is after a good four-day break, which has never happened in 17 years of my education! I don't know how I'm gonna utilise this extra time, but if ever I get an opportunity to yell "Eureka", I'll share it with you guys (which is needless to say).

This is one of those profitless posts for you guys; I'm here to just let go of my stress, if that's doable, that is. My exam is starting from 7th November and we have one big assignment, one internal exam (and a few more avoidable tasks) to do before that. Plus, it's a post-graduation level exam; we don't have a syllabus as simple as ABC. 90% of the syllabus has not been taught (or spoken about) in lectures. The only comforting thing is that the university provides with a question bank for each subject along with study material; you're sure to find 80% of the answers in these notes. But the question bank has around 100 questions, whose answers are 2-3 A4 sized pages long.

So here I am. You must have understood the situation I'm in now. I just have five weekends to study. I'm anxious about the big assignment I mentioned earlier. Our group has around seven members and our topic is to cover three restaurants that were started in the pre-Independence era. We have to shoot a video, along with cooking in one of the restaurants. I'm so worked up about this; you guys have no idea!

God only save my soul.


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