My Routine - Internship October 2016

by - October 26, 2016

I thought of jotting down my routine as I intern (and study) simultaneously. I always enjoy knowing what people do; so for those who enjoy reading something similar, welcome here.

In this post you'll find all that I do, from snoozing the alarm in morning to setting the alarm at night.

When there's college:

6:00 am
The lecture on weekdays starts at 8:30 am. For that, I wake up at 6:00. The alarm goes on and after snoozing it for fifteen minutes, I decide to wake up. We don't have lectures regularly now, so I'm pretty chilled.

6:30 am
It usually is 6:30 until I get out of the bed. I brush, drink water, and mom gets tea for me. If there's breakfast, I have that too. I hit the bathroom and then wear clothes. After that, makeup, and then I pick my bag, food, water, and leave for station.

7:15 am
It's almost 7:15-7:20 when I leave. I take rickshaw in the morning as I don't want to miss my train.

7:30 am
I reach station and then wait for the train, which is 15 minutes late usually.

8:10 am
I meet my best friend in train and then we just don't have the record of time. We talk and talk, and talk and talk. We get down at our destination.

8:40 am
We reach the classroom by 8:40; yes, late. But the professors are not in the class by then. Even if they are, more than half of the class hasn't reached yet. Everybody's settling down as we reach.

9:50 am
I keep my eye on the clock as I have to go to office too. Initially, I used to leave from college at 9:30, but now I leave at 9:50. The lecture gets over at 10:30, but I leave earlier!

10:05 am
I try my best to sign the attendance register, but then the traffic makes me late. When there's a lecture, usually I have to sign the late comers' attendance register. But that's no fuss, as I write 'college' under the reason column.

When there's no college:

6:45 am
From Monday to Friday, my alarm is set at 6:45 am. Though this is not the exact time I wake up, I have intentionally set it at this time. I like the extra sleep I get after hitting snooze. I sleep for half-hour more, that is, I finally dismiss the alarm at 7:15 am.

7:15 am
This is like the deadline. My parents are pretty chilled until it's 7:15. At 7:15, they make sure I'm awake. I usually don't crib because like I mentioned earlier, this is the deadline.

7:35 am
After checking the notifications, brushing teeth, and drinking water, my mom gets tea. Mom, me and my father have tea together with few biscuits. (Surprisingly, I don't feel hungry even after eating 'almost nothing' for breakfast.)

7:45 am
I rush to the bathroom for shower. I usually come out in 10 minutes. I keep the hair-washing for the night.

7:55 am
I somehow rush out of the bathroom and start getting ready. As I pick outfit at night, I don't have to waste time looking for one. I wear clothes and now's the time for makeup. I've been recently putting makeup. Initially, it used to only be kohl and concealer, but now I put lot of things. Makeup takes good 5 to 10 minutes.

8:12 am
I revisit the loo before leaving the house. My parents have made and packed food and water for me. I put the lunchbox, apple, water (and now buttermilk) in my bag and get going.

8:30 am
My train leaves around this time. I usually have my colleague Shweta with me in train, so I don't need earphones or book as I'm quite entertained. (And nowadays I don't carry a book because I feel like my exams are approaching and that I don't want to feel guilty by reading a book. Totally pointless. I absolutely know!)

9:30 am
We almost reach around this time and start walking to office. 99% of the days we've walked. It's a good exercise, since I don't have time for my fitness routine,

9:48 am
We reach office and then I just drink water, switch on the laptop, look out for any tasks-to-do, and settle down.

Rest of the day:

10:00 am
For a month, I used to start working as soon as I reached office, which means fifteen minutes before time, but now, I start only after 10:00.

12:00 pm
By 11:30-12:00, my tummy starts growling. I either drink coffee or if I have carried anything for the 'second' breakfast, I eat that.

13:15 pm
Lunch time! I eat lunch with my two colleagues--Prerna and Orianne. I enjoy having lunch with them and I'm gonna miss them after my internship.

15:00 pm
After lunch, by 15:00 pm, I ask the server Subhash to make me green tea. As I use green tea leaves, he has to make for me. I ask him to make two cups from one bunch of leaves--one for me, one for Orianne. (The leaves are over. Yesterday was the last serving. I must figure out a way.)

16:30 pm
Again I start feeling hungry. If I've not had coffee in the morning, I have it at 4:30. Otherwise, I either have an apple or probably order a sandwich. I've ordered sandwich only three times in two months.

18:00 pm
By 6, I start being impatient. I really wanna go home as soon as it's 6. If I don't have work, I ask my boss if I can leave. Sometimes she grants me permission, sometimes she asks me to wait back. I always hope she grants me permission though.

18:30 pm
If she says yes, I start packing bag for home. I switch off laptop, arrange stuff properly, visit the loo, and then leave for station.

18:50 pm
I typically reach the station by 7. I catch a train. Most of the days I get a seat.

19:50 pm
I reach my home station. Happy to finally be there.

20:15 pm
I walk up to my home. If my colleague is with me, she drops me on way in a rickshaw.

20:30 pm
I'm home--tired, yet delighted to see the neighbour's 1 year old in my mom's arms. I change into fresh set of clothes, and take the baby girl in my arms. My mom gets food for me till then.
I enjoy this time the most. Happy to see my parents, happy to see the cute baby, happy to have dinner.

22:00 pm
I pass time and then by 10, I start picking outfit for next day. I also pick what undergarments to wear, as women might know this problem. We have to wear different inners depending on what we're wearing. So I take them out too. Along with that, I choose which handbag to carry, and transfer stuff if needed. I also keep out makeup that I'm gonna use.

23:10 pm
I hit the bed by 11, and don't sleep until it's 11:45 pm at least.

What's your typical routine?

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