12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

By Rutuja Bhagwat - October 07, 2016

  1. I don't smoke or drink. This come as a shocker for all the people I meet, but that's true. I have neither tried taking a puff nor taken a sip of alcohol, ever. I have never smoked a hukkah too.
  2. I get cold and sore throat if exposed to a fragrance for a long time. This sucks for me. My nose is sensitive. If the perfume I put is strong while I lay myself on bed, then I'm sure to get a sore throat the next day. Also, any aromatic hair oil, moisturiser, or a new pillow cover is a total turnoff. 
  3. I catch cold after having too much of chocolate. People around me wonder why I don't eat many chocolates. It's because if I consume more chocolate (may it be any flavoured), I'm sure to catch cold. There's something wrong in my ENT area, I feel!
  4. I had been inside a boys' washroom when nobody was in school. After my 7th grade picnic, my girlfriends and I had been inside a boys' washroom to see how it looks like. It was eventide and there was no one in school. It was one of the biggest adventures of my life.
  5. I am a dog person. I prefer dogs over cats any day. I cannot imagine me cuddling a cat. But I think kittens are cute!
  6. I had tried chicken on the new year's eve of 2000, alongside cold coffee. This is a funny story. Back in 2000, when I was just six years old, all we kids were planning new year's menu. We were playing carom, I remember, and had planned on making bhel for dinner. We divided vegetables-to-bring amongst us. But in the end, the plan was dropped. Instead, I tried chicken and sipped on cold coffee. I remember I couldn't chew the chicken and so I had given it to my friend.
  7. I lack concentration. I can only read if there's silence around. I tend to repeat same lines again and again if someone is muttering near me. I cannot tolerate any kind of noise, and it's one of my biggest problems.
  8. I believe that coffee leads to breakouts, so I consume it as less as possible. Whenever I consume food that has lot of heat, like ice-cream, chocolates, coffee, papaya, etc., you can spot a pimple on my face. So I drink coffee only when there's no other option.
  9. When I shout and cheer, I can feel my eardrum tear (just like the way speakers tear and make weird noises). I love to cheer when team India wins, but my ears don't let me to. I had visited an ENT specialist for this, but he said that my ears were perfectly fine. He said that it happens when I open my jaw to its max. I don't like this; you guys have no idea how cheerful I get during matches and other events.
  10. I fear death of my closed ones. I get attached to people/things very easily. I don't fear my death as much as I fear the death of my closed ones. I just don't want to write more, else I might imagine scenarios and start crying.
  11. I wanted to be a rockstar when in 9th. As weird as it sounds, but I wanted to be a rockstar; in short, a person who plays guitar on stage. I realised later that my fingers had no strength and that holding the strings against the fret-board was a tough job. I left learning guitar and since then, I have respected those who play it.
  12. I was an all-rounder in school. I used to get good grades, my books used to be complete all the time, I was good in sports, and was always the lead dancer for any dance performance at school.

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