Study Material to Carry to Office for Exam Preparation

by - October 20, 2016

The internship goes beautifully until you have your exam timetable out. You start worrying and there's only one thing you can probably do--study at office during free time.

Luckily, my place is shifted to a much quieter place and so there are no friendly colleagues around. I always work on my stuff when I don't have any jobs to do. Since few days, I've not been having too many jobs and so I'm having a relaxing time. Instead of wasting it, I study. I finished 60% of one subject, which is a lot for someone who's interning full-time.

There are few essentials you must carry to office to ensure you have a peaceful study time.

A night before, look at what is to be studied and pack notes. If you have the option of carrying lesser notes (that is, if you have loose notes), carry the thinner bunch. Too much of study material in office looks like a mess.

If at all you have the syllabus or a question bank given by your uni/professors, carry it too. You can tick off the questions as and when you complete them. You get an overview of how much is done and how much is yet to do. (Plus, more the number of ticks, the better you feel!)

Carry a pencil, an eraser, blue pen, and a coloured pen so that you will have everything properly written. Make sure you use pencil to underline. All those directional words you write while studying, for example, IMPORTANT, READ AGAIN, ASK, etc., write them in a coloured pen.

Also, carry supplies for organizing your notes. Highlighter to highlight the topics in notes, binder clips to bind notes together, sticky notes for flagging important questions, etc.
You can use a cute pouch to store writing and organizing supplies at your desk. You don't need to carry these everyday. It is better to keep them in office.

In order to keep a track of what you're studying, carrying a planner is important. You can write down things you want from home, things to study next day, etc.

What do you carry?

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